30 Ravishing Shoulder Tattoos that will add Spark to your Look.

Although, shoulder can be taken as a tiny part to get tattooed but don’t forget it looks really cool. As compared to back, sleeve or other parts, it might be less popular yet looks stunning while you show it off. Along with that, you will feel less pain over shoulder then you get over your wrist or hand. It’s really easy to make others look towards your tattoo only if you are comfortable. Otherwise, it’s not necessary at all. You can see numerous shoulder tattoos that can enhance you in a better way. Here, you can get 30 ravishing shoulder tattoos that will add spark to your look. So, what are you waiting for, hurry up.

Incredible Owl Tattoo


Getting such an adorable tattoo seems to be a great idea. As, this tattoo looks really cute and colorful as well. If you feel to have a tattoo like this one, feel free to get this done. Unless, you will be waiting for new design and you won’t get a nice one at all.

Quote Shoulder Tattoo

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Are you interested to get inked with written quotes on to your shoulder? If so, have a look at this tattoo, you may like it. This tattoo signifies that she is as a light drop in sunlight and the one with her is equal to a windstorm. If you believe in this saying, you can go further with this for sure.

Floral designed Tattoo

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Floral designed tattoos are never out of fashion. They are seen in every style of tattoos. It may be over the wrist, shoulder or even at your back. What’s your opinion about this floral tattoo, don’t you think they look delicate and add charms wherever they are inked. It’s you, who wants to get inked so choice is all yours.

Something Exceptional One

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Do you love experimenting with yourself? Are you obsessed of getting inked on your body? Then, you are at the right place. Without wasting any time, have a look at this tattoo in this picture. As looking at it you may desire for making it yourself very soon. So, hurry up.

Flying Birds over the Shoulder

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If you too desire to fly high like birds, here’s a perfect shoulder tattoo for you. Going with this one, you can show off your body and your cool tattoo as well. This tattoo will not only add magic to your persona but attract people towards you. So, baby think about it.

Go for 3D tattoos

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Nowadays, 3D tattoos seem very much in fashion. People literally go crazy over them and find them more attractive than the other ones. This 3D fox tattoo is looking really astonishing, isn’t it? Don’t you think of having it over your shoulder? If you do, then you can undoubtedly go for it. As, this tattoo appears really nice.

Above the Sky


Every girl wishes to go around the stars and sit over the clouds. But in reality, it’s not possible at all. So, getting a tattoo like this can be a small share of your happiness, what’s say? As, this tattoo includes all the elements you desire to move around. Thus, what are you waiting for?

Every Single Thing Coming to your Way is Special


Going for something simple and sophisticated tattoo presents you a different look,. As you can see in the picture, this tattoo is eye-catching. Having a tattoo like this, your eyes will stuck there and you will fall in love with your tattoo again. I personally love the way it has been designed. What about you?

Lines Written Over Your Shoulder


Select a line that suits you and your personality very well. With that, as a tattoo you can get inked with the beautiful lines on your shoulder. You can go for quotes or else choose phrases that compliment your outlook. All in all, pick what that enhances you and your whole appearance, got it?

Falling of Trees over the Shoulder


Falling of tress surely gives you a feel of winters. With the falling of leaves new environment is created. At the same time, getting such a tattoo can bring a new you in yourself. The inside you, you don’t even knew before. Take a risk and try this something. As, it may present you a good feel, you never know.

You Have to Fall Before You Fly


Something like this one is loved by all. As, this tattoo says more than the words itself. Sayings are fresh and genuine forever. And you are the one, who adore them at your skin. If you too are planning to get inked and finding a tattoo for yourself then in my opinion you can go for this one, without any doubt.

Covering the Shoulder Tattoo


Some of you may like the full covered shoulder tattoo and some may not. As, this tattoo can sometimes appear messy and unclear so that people try to pick something subtle. I don’t know about your choice, if you are interested in these kinds of tattoo, you can surely go ahead. If not, it’s not compulsory.

Opt for a Stylish One


More than anything, girl’s first dream is how they can look more beautiful than they are. In that case, you can have a glance over this tattoo, as you will fall for this I know. Look at it carefully, the design is really trendy and will beautify your whole persona in a different way. So, get up and go for it.

Girly Shoulder Tattoo


Girly tattoos are more or less appear cute and pretty one. They prefer those tattoos related to fantasy and one of them are these cute butterflies. These butterflies’ charms the shoulder in a different way and are give it a new and a fresh look. So, are you fascinated towards this girl tattoo? If yes, go and have it as soon as possible.

Love along with Hearts Tattoo


Hey, are you in love? If yes, then express your love through your love tattoo on your shoulder. As this is nice way to show your partner how much you adore him. So, if you desire to have a tattoo and you are in a strong relationship as well then it’s a perfect match for you.

Dandelion Tattoo all over your Shoulder


I feel speechless while talking about dandelion tattoos. Doesn’t matter where they have been placed or inked, in every way they look fabulous. With the increasing in getting inked, dandelion tattoos has set its mark. They are among most liked ones ever since. I know, you must be the one to adore. Then, why don’t you go for it?

Amazing Lines on Shoulder


If you love yourself and want others to adore you then, this tattoo can go well on you. As, this tattoo is simple yet so powerful at the same time. It truly states that love me as I’m not in the way you wish me to be. So, girls don’t you get attracted towards this tattoo??

Free Birds Tattoo

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For a ravishing look, you can opt for this tattoo. This tattoo looks so pleasing to the eye that anybody can fall for it. Having such an elegant tattoo, nobody can stop themselves feel attracted towards you. So, are you prepared to make this tattoo yours and impress your loved one?

Branches Designed Tattoos


This type are  very less used in these days. But that doesn’t mean these tattoo are no more available. It’s just that people have different opinion and they go with them. So, if you feel like this tattoo is something you were searching for then get it done and enjoy.

Lovely Butterflies


Butterfly looks lovely while we see them fluttering around the flowers. Can you imagine, butterflies over your shoulder permanently? Don’t get shocked as I’m talking about tattoo. As, getting a butterfly tattoo on your shoulder can discover a new you. It will add glow to your personality as well.

Add Some Colors


Colorful tattoos add a different flavor to your body and your outlook as well. With the colors, you will get a new you and feel amazing. If you are crazy for tattoos then for a once just check this tattoo. Looking at it, you never know you may like it.

Have Faith in Yourself


Always remember, good times come and go but bad times never last long. So, don’t make yourself weak at that time. You should believe the fact in front of you and yourself. That’s what, this tattoo signifies. If you have faith in whatever you do, then this tattoo is best choice for you.

Beautiful View


Sometimes tattoo depicting the view of beautiful scenes appears magnificent. They have a different spark in their art. As, these kinds of tattoos are visually so pleasing and attracts you over them. Don’t you find them refreshing enough to get inked along with these ones? If you feel like this, go and get your tattoo and cherish it.

For Music Lovers


Music has been the inspiration of all, isn’t it? It’s really very common to opt with a tattoo signifying the love for music. Here, you can see an amazing tattoo connected to the tunes of music. Looking at it, you will surely feel some attraction that pulls you towards it. It has a certain quality that truly fascinates you.

Picking-up Something Floral Designs


Tattoos are nowadays seen widely. Among them, the floral designed ones are really very popular. As, these flowers freshens the mood and adds charms to the outlook. In the same way, floral tattoo brightens up your look and enhance your appeal even more. So, what’s your thinking about this kind of tattoo, don’t you like it?

Bow Styled Tattoos


This tattoo is so appealing and exceptional at some point. You may have not seen same tattoo over both the shoulder often, right? Talking about the tattoo, it’s totally out of the box. To have such a tattoo, you need a lot of guts and confidence in yourself. If you don’t have the courage then, don’t try to get this tattoo.

Girly Quotes


Quotes that indicate something about you can be a great selection in terms of a tattoo. As, this tattoo tells others about what you are. A line creating a tattoo appears simple yet a beautiful one. You too can include some lines over your shoulder and add a spark in yourself. C’moon girl, hurry up.

Beautiful Quote Tattoo

quotes tattoos for girls

If you truly love your mother and want to do something to show your love towards her then, what can be more creative than this one. Having a tattoo like this can easily prove that your love for your mother is unconditional. Without her, you are nothing. And when she is with you, you are the wealthiest one in the whole world.

Shine your Shoulder with Stars


Everybody wants to shine like those twinkling star at the sky. Likewise, if you are fascinated towards tattoo then, you can get them along with the star like you can see in the picture. Add stars on to your shoulder in order to beautify your body and give yourself a different appearance as well.

Whole World Designed on Shoulder


Creating a map of whole world over your shoulder sounds something really very interesting. Don’t you think,going for it may appear different and thrilling? If you are excited and think you should do it, then you can undoubtedly go for it . As, having this tattoo you can capture everyone’s eye over you. All in all, all the best.