30 Natural Treatment That Can Actually Heal Your Cracked Lips

You all might have been going through this problem, that’s right cracked black lips.With the coming of winter season, your lips start getting dehydrated and becomes pale.If you wish to get rid of black lips and wants to have soft and glossy lips , you need to take good care of yourself. As lips easily get infected if you are indulged in smoking, alcohol, suck your lips or drink less amount of water. Sometimes it may be because of disparity of hormones, carelessness in having nutrient food and lack of vitamin in your body. You might have spend a lot of money in your beauty products in order to make your lips look beautiful but you may have failed. But, now try some natural method so as to get rid of your black lips.


Here, you can get 30 different ways to get beautiful and glossy lips that can add shine to your face. So, have a look and try to apply them in your daily life as well.

Rub Sugar on your Lips

If you want to make your lips soft then, why don’t you use sugar as a scrub? As, this will easily lessen your darkness and help you to get a beautiful lips altogether. You can apply this remedy at least once in a week.. With that, you will see the change in your lips.

Soak Beetroot Juice on your Lips

Using natural product, you won’t get any side effects at all. Rubbing beetroot juice on your lips only for 5-10 minutes, you can glow your lips. If you can, you can give your lips a massage so that the darkness gets fade. You can use it on daily basis. So, give this remedy a try, it really works.

Apply Olive Oil

Going for olive can be a great choice for your lips. It can enhance your lips only when if you apply it on a daily basis. If you want to get a fast recovery, you can add sugar in it and get a better solution for your blackish lips. Olive oil will not only remove your patchiness but add charm to your lips.

Drops of Lemon Juice

You already know that lemon juice is good for your hair. But, have you ever tried it onto your skin? If not, then try this once. After that, you will feel how effected it is on your lips. Before you go to bed, apply lemon juice drops on your lips and in the morning wash it off. Within a month or so, you will see the instant glow for sure.

Go For Rosewater Solution

Rose is soft and  has luscious effect. They will  help your lips to get a correct amount of moisturizer and beautify your lips as well. You can mix rosewater with honey in order to get beautiful lips ahead. As, it adds shine to your lips. And, don’t you  forget to apply this solution on your lips at least twice a day.

Combination of Honey and Raspberry  

The combination of honey, raspberry and lemon juice can be a perfect remedy for your lips. Mixing them in a same amount, you can use it as a lip care and leave till it gets dry. Being a natural product honey and lemon fades the blackness of your lips and raspberry provides you the glossy lips that you desire for. So, use it 2-3 times a day if to want your lips to look charming.

Opt for Almond Oil

Do you know, almond oil consists of vitamin E?  This vitamin E is something that can help you to get pinkish lips. It provides your lips the proper nutrition that can make your lips gorgeous. If you want, you can add lemon juice to it. As this blend can react fast and you will get glossy lips. Use this solution before you go to sleep and at morning clean your face with cold water.

Massage with Pomegranate Juice

To get better nourishment, you can apply pomegranate juice on your lips. As, this fruit (pomegranate) is a best product that can enhance your lips and brighten them. Adding pomegranate juice along with milk cream and rosewater, you can make a paste. Using that paste in a regular basis, you can lessen your blackish color from your lips.

Slices of Cucumber

Cutting cucumber into slices, you can rub it on your lips. Doing this, you can freshen up your lips and get rid of your unpleasant lips. Using coconut oil with cucumber, you can brighten your lips even more. If you desire to have soft lips as soon as possible then, give it a try. You won’t be disappointed at all.

Magic of Turmeric

Turmeric can be used for any infection or wounds you have in your skin. Mixing it with milk cream or even honey can give you a better result. Each one of them has its own quality and has its way to cure all your skin problems. If you have never tried this solution then, you should take a chance and go for it.

Fresh Strawberries

Crushing some fresh strawberries and combining it with baking soda, you can make a paste out of it. You can then, apply this paste before you go to bed. As, this paste takes time to set and observe all your tackiness from your lips. In the early morning, you can get it off with cold water.

Apply Ginger

You might know that ginger can do wonders for your throat. Not only for your throat, can it be a great product while you think of your skin. When ginger and egg white is added together, it heals all your wounds and your pale lips as well. If you use this mixture on a daily basis, you will be blessed with pink lips in coming days.

Applying Orange Peel

You might feel like, the peel of oranges are of no use. But, you are absolutely wrong. As the orange peel are very much good for your skin. It adds a different shine to your skin as well as in your pale lips. It’s  on you, whether to go with this remedy or not.

Using Fuller Earth

You may hear this for the first time but fuller earth can easily clear and soften your skin and open the pores With that, you can get rid of dead cell and the impurities in your skin. Adding rosewater to it, you will observe the changes in your lips. Only, if you use it regularly.

Goodness of Mustard Oil

You might feel like its an ancient period therapy of applying the oil in your belly button. But let me remind you, in my houses this method is carried forward. As, this method helps you to get essential nutrients to your body through your belly button. Why don’t you opt from this method to get rid of your pale lips?

Juicy Tomatoes

Tomato is a natural product which help your skin to get brighten. Its a sharp element that nourishes your skin from inside and you see the effect outside. You can mix tomato crushes and your cream together. Rub it on your lips twice and thrice to make it soft. To get a result of your choice, you need  to use it frequently.

Frequent use of Petroleum Jelly

If you want your lips to look beautiful then, go for petroleum jelly. As, this is a perfect and easiest way to cure your dark lips. Using petroleum jelly over lips, whenever you feel your lips get rough,  to provide them proper nourishment and protection.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a medicine for all your problem. By cutting an aloe vera you will get a jelly substance, that’s the thing you need to collect. With that, you can use it as a lip balm and make your lips beautiful in no time. So, without wasting any time pluck aloe vera from your garden and start using it.

Fresh Pine apple and Papaya

Having pineapple and papaya crushes in same amount, you can easily cure your pale lips. As, this method is really very popular in terms of skin problems. Just rubbing it on your lips you can soon get pink lips. But, don’t forget to use it on a daily basis.

Moisturize using Butter

Yea, you heard it right using butter as a lip care really works. You can find it silly but it softens your lips quickly. Only if, you apply it regularly without any laziness or anything like this. Or else, you won’t get the result you wanted.

Touch of Glycerin

It’s something, you all know about. Massage your lips with 2-3 drops of glycerin as it is very effective for your lips. If you use it on a daily basis, you can get rid of your black lips easily. Remember, using it one or two days can’t make your lips look good. So, use it as much  more you can then, you will see the difference in your lips.

Coriander Leaves

Coriander leaves when used for any types of skin problems, they show its effect quickly. At night time, while going to sleep you can rub coriander leaves on your lips. After you get up in the morning, you will see the effect of these leaves. So, I suggest you to try them if you want your pink lips back.

Potato Juice

Potato not only lighten your lips but is good for all your skin problems. It can lessen your tackiness of your lips as per you use it. All you need to do is, crushing the potatoes and use the liquid on your lips. With that, you will certainly see the change on your lips.

Castor Oil

To get a good care of your lips, you can apply castor oil on your lips. As, this oil can heal your cracked lips and fade the blackish color. If you combine it with lemon juice or glycerin before you sleep, you will see the effect the next morning. When you wash it off, don’t forget to use cotton balls with warm water as well.

Apply Ice cubes

You can take these ice cubes as a water in order to keep your lips hydrated. Using ice cubes, you will see your pale blackish lips converting into pink and glossy lips. For this, you should place ice cubes on your lips for some time. After that, you will find your lips slowly turning into pink for sure.

Mix Curd and Saffron Together

Curd adds softness to your skin and saffron brightens it. When these two products are combined together, they create a magic. Combining few tresses of saffron in curd can provide your lips a soothing effect. Use it on your pale lips and give it a light massage. Then, continue this therapy for some more days in order to get a desirable result.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is just an incredible oil which will cure not only your skin problem but other health issues too. Using it as a moisturizer for your dark lips, you can get a quick relief. You just need to keep it near by you. Whenever  you feel, your lips are getting harsh then apply it on your lips. Doing it continuously, you will soon see your lips getting lighter.

Use Brown Sugar

Don’t get shocked to see brown sugar as a lip care product. Using half cup of brown sugar along with two spoons of  olive oil can add charm to your life. It’s really helpful for your pale lips. You can easily find these product at your home so, for you it must be a free service.

Tea Tree Oil

You just need 2-3 drops of Tea tree oil in order to make your lips glossy. Using it as a lip care, you will find your lips going beautiful in some time. But, its your responsibility to apply it on a regularly basis. If not, forget about your pink lips. As, you won’t see any improvement on your lips.