28 Wrist Tattoo You Can’t Keep Your Eyes Off From

Sometimes on wrist can be risky, at the same time appears great. If you are planning to get a tattoo over your wrist, then you have variety of options here. From design to quote, you can choose anyone as you wish. Here, you can get 28 different types of wrist tattoos. Looking at them, I’m sure you could not stop yourself to make it yours.

Cute Crown Tattoo

 crown tattoo on the wrist - 50 Eye-Catching Wrist Tattoo Ideas <3 <3

Every girl is a princess of her dad. You don’t need to have a crown on your head to prove that. But you can surely get it inked on your wrist, it appears lovely. If you are obsessed of ink then, it can be a perfect choice for you.  You can at least think about it.

Whole World Created on a Wrist

All around the world:

Having a world map on a wrist is something mind-boggling. If you think, it’s quite unique and a perfect match for you then have it done. As, having this tattoo you can grab attention of all and can easily uplift your standard as well.

Trapped in Love

heart web tattoo on wrist - 50 Eye-Catching Wrist Tattoo Ideas <3 <3

Hey, have you ever fallen in love? If yes, it means you have been trapped right? That’s what this tattoo reveals. As you can see a heart web tattoo in this picture, showing how it has been captured. Being in love is simply having a trouble. If you feel the same then, here’s a perfect option for you.

Fall Theme Tattoo

A simple tree:

Winters are here, don’t you wish to do something related to this season. Can I help you in this? If you want, you can have a tattoo designed in a fall theme. It really looks marvelous and elegant as well.  You can take your time whether you desire to have it done or not. No offence at all.

Flying Birds

A flock of birds:

When you see birds flying above the sky what’s your first reaction? Don’t you feel, you could capture the moment? If you wish the same now, you can create the same moments on your wrist. It will appear out of the box and you can’t keep your eyes off after you do it. So, here’s the picture, you can have a look and later do what you really desire.

Feather Designed Bracelet

A feather that doubles as a bracelet:

If you are fond of accessories and usually have them wherever you go, then have a look at this tattoo. This bracelet inspired tattoo is truly magnificent as it can charm you like a original one. I personally, loved the way it has been crafted. With that, its concept is something you can’t even imagine.

Tune on Music

music wrist tattoo designs

Music makes you emotional and at the same time chills you out. No one can survive without music. So, creating a tattoo blend with a music sign can be a good choice. You may have already seen various music tattoo design and here’s one of them. Being a music lover, you can opt for such a adorable tattoo.

Butterfly tattoos

tribal butterfly wrist tattoos

Butterfly simply refers to girly character. As, this tattoo shows different colors of nature as a whole. If you feel like sparkling your wrist, then you can take chance creating this one. Most importantly, it’s really very beautiful and can mesmerize everybody who are along with you.

Wings of an Angel

 Angel Wing Tattoo on wrist - 50 Eye-Catching Wrist Tattoo Ideas <3 <3

If you wish to get a tattoo that resembles something prosperous for you. Then, you are at the right place. Have a look at this angle winged tattoo, don’t you feel it’s a perfect one? If you do, then you can easily have it done at several tattoo centers. So, if you think you are prepared, go and ink your wrist with this tattoo..

Cherry Flower along with the birds flying over

cherry blossom wrist tattoo designs

What a scene, don’t you find it lovely? I wish, I could have it on my wrist, don’t you feel the same? The cherry blossom along with the birds is really appearing epic. It’s something you can’t stop looking at, what’s say? This tattoo not only shines your personality but impress others for your tattoo job. So are you ready?

Bird tattoo enhanced with the star

birds and star wrist tattoos

Simple and a sophisticated tattoo isn’t it. This tattoo looks elegant when you have it on your wrist or even other parts of your body. Turn on your eye and have a glimpse at the tattoo and say what your verdict towards this piece is? It’s good or bad, speak up.

Star studded tattoo

star wrist tattoo ideas

Star studded tattoo are the most common one. They look nice on wrist as compared to other tattoos we see. They can be easily created in every possible size in no time. That’s the most important thing about this tattoo. You may take it as a simple one, no worries. There are many other tattoos through which you can easily choose yours.

Anchor design tattoo

An anchor:

Some of you may like it and some may not. As this tattoo is somehow common and not that attractive. If you liked it, you can surely opt for it. Make this tattoo yours and beautify your wrist with an anchor. But, if you don’t think it’s something you want to have then, wait for your right choice.

Cute Bow tattoo

The cutest of bows:

What can be cutest and dazzling than a tiny bow tattoo? It’s so pretty. I seriously can’t avoid looking at such a delicate one. If you are obsessed of ink and searching for the best tattoo, have a glimpse over it. You will surely wish to make it yours for sure.

Stunning Skull Tattoo

A bold yet simple sugar skull:

Skull tattoo adds dramatic element in you. If you are interested in such design then you can give a thought over this tattoo. As, these tattoos are so in fashion that nobody can neglect to have it done. The skull one is among the popular one, which looks really very smart one to have.

Spectacular Dandelion Tattoos

A clever design that spans both wrists:

Hey have a look at this adorable tattoo. Recently, these dandelion tattoos have been very popular and loved by many. As, these tattoo are so eye grazing that tattoo lovers can’t stay away from having it for a long time. If you are planning to have a tattoo then, you can pick this one as yours. Afterwards, you won’t be disappointed.

Tiny keyhole Tattoo

The tiniest of keyholes:

If you wish to have a tattoo at the same time doesn’t want to show it off then, this tattoo can work for you. As, this tattoo is tiny one and can’t be seen easily. If you are ok with this tattoo, you can go further if not, then wait and find your perfect match.

Believe in Yourself

believe wrist tattoos

This amazing tattoo explains that you should have faith in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself how can others? So, if you have the confidence to show that you are better enough in what you do then no one can make you down. Thus, if you have same feeling for yourself, then this tattoo can go well with your notion.

Eye-pleasing Feather Tattoo

feather wrist tattoos

A feather seems dam cute isn’t it? What about adding the same feather as a tattoo design? It will create buzz among all the people around you. Not only this, this tattoo will present you a stunning persona as well. So, do you like it?

Adorable Ship Tattoo

The most delicate of sailboats:

A tiny ship is appearing so elegant. Have it as a tattoo design can be a good choice but are you interested in creating this on your wrist? If yes, then don’t waste your time thinking about it. Instead, go and get it done. You won’t regret later, I ‘m sure.

A  Pretty Diamond Tattoo

A diamond:

Diamonds are said to girl’s best friend. Then, why don’t you include your best friend on your body as a tattoo design? It looks really cool after all. If you don’t believe me, check out this image. You will see tiny design of diamond tattoo, appearing like a twinkling star.

Small Dove with a Flower

A tiny dove:

Are you a nature lover and feels great while looking at natural species and like that? Then, you can have a look at this lovely tattoo; it will make you go crazy. As, this dove along with flower seems marvelous. So, what’s your reaction towards this tattoo?

Cross sign Tattoo

A simple cross:

Do you believe in god? This cross tattoo mainly signifies the importance of Jesus Christ in your life. You may be spiritual or may not be. But having it as a tattoo surely reflects that you have faith in him and you know, through this tattoo he will be with you every time and then.

Heart beat Tattoo

nursing wrist tattoo ideas

If you love someone dearly, you can opt with this tattoo. It so chic and romantic, that your loved one will get attracted towards you. If you want to think it once more, you can. After all, these tattoos are permanent and you can’t easily get rid of it. Be sure before you decide to go with it.

First Initial

A simple initial:

First initial tattoo is something you can go with. Adding this kind of tattoo, you won’t regret ever. When you feel, you want to get inked then you can choose this one. As it’s so cool and you can create much more design with your first letter. So, think about it.

Be a Fighter

Your personal anthem:

No matter, what situations are, be what you are. As, this behavior will portray you as a fighter. With that, this tattoo would go perfect with your characteristics. All in all, you will be flying high like a free bird.

Heart with a Twist

Or clefs a little more intricate:

Heart tattoo are very common one. You can see them in many hands, don’t you? You can add a heart to your wrist with some twist. So, that it will appear unique and you will be admired by all.

Love is in the Air

A piece of script:

What a cool tattoo, isn’t it? i personally, love the way it has been designed. it seems so simple yet eye-catching. Don’t you desire to get this one over your wrist?