25 Simple yet Classy Nail Art Design For Lazy Girls.

Every girl loves to have amazing nail but she don’t want to invest much time in having them. The typical lazy nature makes them so dull that they can’t even think of having them on their nails. You may be lazy but don’t be too much that you can’t even beautify your nails. At least, give them so time and try to make them look good. Here, you can get some varieties of nail art that can amaze you. Don’t just look at them, instead use them as they are really very beautiful. Going along with these designs, you will be showered with lots of compliments as well. So hurry up!

Golden Tips


It’s an easy yet a classic style of nail art. This nail art glow your outlook and put you forward in every way. If you want to get compliments then without wasting any time, you can get this nail art done.You just have to add golden color on your tips that’s it, With that, you are all set to create your magic.

Stun with a Blue Matte


If you desire to create some magic with your nails then, this nail art can go well with you.As, this design is something you will surely fall in love with. It’s beautiful and classy design will attract you and compel you to try this just for once. With that, those beautiful beads and glitter enhance this design a little more and how can you forget the magic of matte, that’s out of the box.

French Manicure


If you are blessed with long nails then why don’t  you can try French manicure? As, it is so in fashion and can go along with any outfit you wear. It will add charm to your look and you will look amazing in every way. To have this manicure, all you need to do is pick up a cream color base and white polish together. Then, your manicure is ready to show-off.

Magic of Violet Color


Have you tried matte colors yet? If no, then try them as they look cool when added on your nails.You might not like violet color, but looking at this design you will definitely find it fascinating. As, this color is appearing outstanding and design is like  icing on the cake. Along with that, you can spread glitter dust on your tips to add spice on your nails.

Lace Designed Nail Art


It’s quite a different nail art and look really astonishing. The design is appearing absolutely beautiful and something that you always wanted. Picking the pink shade as a base you can start your nail art. After that, you can add stripes with white, you will get an appealing look. So, if you like this design, go ahead and enjoy the lively design.

Black and White Design


You can help your nails to appear beautiful then they actually are. To do that, you should pick an appropriate nail design for yourself. Through  the design, your nails will look amazing and can easily impress others as well. Using the combo of black and white. you can look bold and sexy. Are you all set to appear different than your actual personality?

Stun with Grey Shade


You will be mesmerized to see such an adorable design. Looking at this nail art, you surely want to have it done what’s say? If you feel so then pick up your grey nail color and start your nail art. Using grey color, you can add black color to draw stripes only on your ring finger. After that, apply glitters on your ring finger. So, that it would appear different than the other nails.

Floral Work with Glitters


Don’t you bored of your same nail art? if yes, why don’t you pick something that you have never tried yet? Finding some suitable design, you can create something ravishing. With that, you can easily attract others and impress the one you love the most. So, what are you waiting for? Get up and select your perfect design and get it done.

Eye Catching Nail Art


Along with two different styles, you can add beauty to your nails. Selecting white color as a base and adding two alternative design is a great idea. In some, you can draw stripes using silver metallic color and glitter dust on the other. It’s a best nail art if you go for a party or other festive events. If you can, try it once. You will definitely like it.

Add Charm on your Nails


Don’t feel bad, if you have got small nails. Instead, think how you can make them attractive. For that, you can have a look at this nail art in this above picture.Adding metallic colors over your tips, you can simply create your nails look chic and classy. You can alternately use white or golden;color as per you wish. Doing that, you are set to make everyone feel jealous. Hurry up girls!!

Cut Heart in Between


Selecting two different colors, you can begin your nail art. Pick such color that can compliment each other very well. Like this, on the above picture. The blend of neon pink and blue is dazzling the nails in a great way. Adding the heart in between, the look has gone to next level. Thus, if you find it suitable for yourself then, go for it.

Go Colorful


It’s a simple yet a cute way to make your nail look beautiful. As, this white color can enhance each and every nail color. So, using it as a base you can use different colors on to its tips. With that, you will see an amazing look of your nails. Looking at this nail art design, you won’t remember your previous nails. What’s your opinion about this design?

Multi-Colored Stripes


Painting your nails with different colors can make you feel great. As, colors brings joy and happiness in your life so as in your nails. You, me and we all desire to have such a nail art that can go with every outfit in your wardrobe, isn’t it? Now, your wait is over. Here’s a design that will not only make you look gorgeous but also  goes perfect with almost every outfit you adorn. So girl, make a way for this nail art design.

Pinch of Golden Glitters


Women adore glittery nail art while they are set to go for a party. As, this glittery nail art add glam and attract people towards you in no time. If you too are finding such an nail art then, have a look at the picture. You will see the beauty of this nail art. Using light pink color and adding glitters on your cuticles, you can easily get this look.

Cross Designed Nail Art


Don’t you find this nail art innovative? If you think so, why don’t you experiment this nail art on your nails? As, this nail art appears great on every types of nails. Don’t you worry, if you have short nails. It can do wonders on them as well. You just try it once. All you need to do is paint your nails with white shade. After that, using black color draw a cross sign and enjoy your nail art, that’s it.

Add Stones on your Nails


This nail art design is something you should got to have. From the color combination to the stones added to it, everything is perfect. With light color, you can glow your nails and make people go crazy over you. As, you may think like it’s really a tough design but let me tell you it’s not so. If you will practice twice-thrice, you will get the design and easily go for it.

Dazzling Nail Art


Doesn’t matter, what’s the season you can apply such nail art whenever you feel to have. Having something bright and glossy colors can glam your hands and your overall look as well. You can create your own style, if you can. It’s an easy nail art that can be done in no time. To create your design, you can pick your colors of your choice. At least, try it once. You won’t regret it.

Impressive Design on Ring Finger


Opting with same old design can appear ugly. So, why don’t you think or find  a nail art that can amaze you and your persona as well? I have got a suggestion for you, can you try this one as in this picture? To have this on your nails, you got to have french manicure and along with that you can create something of your own on your ring finger. If you do something like this, no one can stop looking at you and your nails. They will get attracted towards you for sure.

Using Polka Dots


Don’t you feel like, someone looks at you and compliments you? Of course, you do. Then, try something different that can capture everyone’s attention and makes you feel special. Creating an adorable design on your nails you can in no time divert everybody’s mind over you. By opting with olive color and adding polka dots, you will be in the limelight.

Color your French Tips


Going with light color is simply yet classy way to make your nails charming. When the color is baby pink then what’s need to say anything more. The glossy color says it all with its appearance. Picking this color, you can see your tips  appearing gorgeous in every way possible, isn’t it?

Spark your Nails with Golden Color


Are you finding a design, that can stun you at parties? If so, you are at the right place. As, this nail art can be a perfect one for going for parties or other causal events as well. The colors used in this design will appear you classy and stand you out of the crowd. So, be ready to attract the people and don’t be shocked if some men gets flattered over you.

Nude and  Golden Combination


Let’s try something different than you usually have. Have a look at this nail art, don’t you think it’s beyond your imagination? To make this design yours, pick nude and golden metallic color. With that you can paint all your nails in nude as a base.Except your ring finger, add golden stripe to your nail to give it a soothing look. On your ringer finger, you can fully use glitters to set a new style altogether.

Lively Colors


Colors like nude and light blue can add charm on your nails. This combination is quite unique yet looks ravishing as well. You will feel it’s beauty only when you will opt for this nail art design. Without going for this design, you won’t know how it looks altogether. So, give it a try. I’m sure after that, you won’t be disappointed at all.

Mickey Mouse Stud Nail Art


Are you a mickey mouse fan or love to watch them? Then, simply create the design of mickey mouse on to your nails and amaze others with your design as well. As, this design look cool mostly on teenagers and  turn out to be the cutest one. So, get ready to stun everybody with this design. You never know, who else will fall in love seeing this nail art on your design. Be careful!

Something Creative


Black color is appealing and go along with any colors you prefer. Taking black as a base, you can simply draw stripes using different colors on it. Each with different colors will uplift your nail art in a next level. With that, you can create buzz wherever you go. So, selecting this nail art is something that you will get pay off very well.