20+ Sexy Back Tattoos for Girls

Although full back tattoos have always been deemed a manly thing to do – more and more women are starting to pick up on the growing trend as well. Since the back region offers plenty of canvas to work with – many women have become quite creative when it comes to their tattoo design process. This includes incorporating various ideas into one design, connecting tattoos that may be located on the shoulders, arms or lower portion of the body under the belt line. Of course, women have the keen ability to take a variety of different elements that may not necessarily relate to each other, and create a story within their tattoos. As seen frequently with back pieces, women tend to keep their back more colorful than men do. For example, floral designs and naturalistic imagery is very popular amongst tattooed woman. However, this does not mean that women do not indulge in darker imagery as well. As we have witnessed many a times, women are quite unpredictable when it comes to getting a tattoo. Let’s take a look at some talented artists showcasing their amazing skills on these brave women!


Skeletons are not the kind of tattoo that you would think to find on a female but when you do, it is usually one of the sexiest skeletons you will ever witness. To separate themselves from horror and gothic type imagery, it has become a popular trend to turn the female body into a 3D skeleton with tattoo ink. When using this technique on a back piece, it can create one of the most outlandish optical illusions that leave those who witness in complete awe! Other common places for skeleton tattoos may include the legs and rib cage as well.

Moving onto some more colorful and vibrant back tattoos for women does not always require a full back piece to be done in order to qualify for amazing! In fact there are thousands o women who have found just the right amount of ink to accent the sexiness of their backside. Check these wild tattoos out.

This tattoo design, like many for women, shows that less can sometimes be more when it comes to your tattoo. Using floral line work can help you incorporate various shapes and flower like designs into your back piece almost effortlessley. You see, when it comes the back, women have the advantage since they are able to create a more abstract piece without having it look too obscure. Many women use a theme on their back to symbolize the stages of their individual lives, things that have held meaning to them or given the courage at some point or another. What types of imagery would you like to use in an abstract back tattoo?


Most Common Elements in a Back Tattoo for Women

Here are some elements to consider when looking to create the ultimate tattoo design for a woman’s back. Feel free to combine and balance as you see fit.

  • Star and Flowers often give off a very distinct look that can be perceived as fantasy or realistic.
  • Fantasy elements such as witches, fairies, wizards and castles are always a popular design choice as well
  • Garden scenes often find their way to a woman’s backside since the canvas space is one of the only parts of the body big enough for direct exposure
  • Religious memorials and tributes can help women depict their faith. Many women opt to pick elements such as crosses, rosary beads, portraits of saints and angels – or a latter of the mix on their back.
  • Colored cartoon characters are also a popular choice in design elements. You will often find a medley f cartoon characters such as Hello Kitty, Cinderella or Tinkerbelle on the backside of a women. These design elements can often can connect additional tattoos throughout the body or stretch onto other canvas space such as the arms, side’s ad upper thighs.

Butterfly Tattoos On Back1(1)

The beauty of tattoos on a woman’s backside is that you have compete creative freedom, especially if you have no tattoos located there to begin with. Some women consider the space as a fresh sketch book, just waiting for the right artist to color in and decorate the pages.