Write Papers about Importance of a Good Image

When we come to school or college, we are life a new page of a book – no one knows us. But from the first time we meet professors and fellow students, we create our own image, which will stay with us for many years. It’s important to have a good image to achieve what you want. Good image means everything – from your behavior and knowledge to appearance. The image of a successful student assumes not only a good status among others, high marks, but also a worthy appearance.

Today there are many articles, scientific works, books and conversations devoted to the image of a person. Image is not only how you look – this definition includes many aspects and, first of all, psychology. According to psychologists, the image can tell a lot about a person: his or her character, views, preferences etc. Speaking of the image, we must remember the first impression we make on people. According to the calculations of psychologists, the first impression is formed on the appearance of a person in the first seven seconds. The thing is, I know how easy is to ask specialized services to write papers for me. But writing without aid takes guts and that has to be done from time to time, too.

Specialties of Student’s Image

Psychologists say that considering the image of the student, we consider the image of the entire educational institution.  A student is part of a modern society; he or she tries to find his or her place in this world. In school and college students want to stand out among the rest, to prove what they are capable of and to create a proper image. But, unfortunately, students want to show all these not on their achievements, but due to their appearance. Of course, it’s also important, but it’s not the only thing you need to pay attention to. The desire to “differ” is observed in everything and first of all in appearance. At the present time, when you come to the university you can observe a mixture of different styles and colors among students. However, it is necessary to know what is appropriate for college and what isn’t. A student must choose the image without losing himself or herself. The external image should be in harmony with the internal world. Appearance is the first thing that people pay attention to, but your appearance must correspond to what you are.

Importance of Dress-Code

A student is first a person who comes to university for studying. Study is work, and any work has its own dress-code. What should be understood by the words “image of a student”? A certain severity, classics, restrained tone, comfort. These four criteria are fundamental in the image of any student. Standing out in an educational institution is primary due to your knowledge and abilities. With a bright blouse you will not get through, but with impressive baggage of knowledge you will be noticed by your professors. In addition, paying attention to your appearance, people may not notice your abilities.

Proper Image

The image of the student is a visiting card of the educational establishment, so it’s important to create a correct and profitable image. Psychologists distinguish four perceptual components of a successful image of a student: visual perception, intellectual perception, status perception and social background. According to these criteria, you can evaluate the student, and determine his or her success. These criteria depend on your own work, so only you can create a proper image for yourself.

But at the same time student’s image shouldn’t be boring. It must reflect not only the person who is interested in acquiring knowledge and education, but also the inner world of a student. According to Bryan Tracy, a famous writer, there is no point in hoping that others will appreciate you for your character and personality, not paying attention to how you look.

With these pieces of advice you will be able to create a proper image for yourself in your educational establishment. Don’t forget about the harmony with your inner world, because only these will give you the comfort. And comfort is one of the main points of having a good image.