How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Do you know what is the main difference between an argumentative essay and all other academic writings you have at university and college?

An argumentative essay requires a student to investigate a topic, collecting evidence and taking a position. It demands a research, following with compelling and complete arguments. A good argumentative essay is a set of certain components, which can’t be missed in any way. You need a compelling, clear thesis, which is not easy to defend but boring to read. And that is the main problem. Students don’t know how to build those strong arguments, which are profoundly obvious even without convincing.

Choosing a good thesis is the first and already the most difficult step, needed for an argumentative essay. And because of this a lot of students fail to create a qualitative piece of writing. If you are not sure if you can write a really good argumentative essay the very first time but want to learn how to do it correctly, we definitely recommend reading this article and maybe applying to a professional writing company for the additional help. You can read more about professional writing services in the edubirdie review, which is one of the hottest writing companies on the market right now.

And now, let’s find out what are those main elements you need to know about to produce an argumentative essay of a high quality.

Argumentative Essay Step-by-Step

What is an argumentative essay all about? Of course, it is based on the strong argumentation. The arguments should be relevant enough and have enough evidence to really establish the validity of the conclusion. But arguments are not the only component of this type of essay. A strong organization is a must too. You want to make sure that the ideas you’re expressing flow in a natural, logical way to keep your readers interested.

The structure of any argumentative essay is pretty simple. It consists of 5 basic paragraphs with 2 arguments «for’ and 1 argument «against».

  • Introduction;
  • Body paragraph 1;
  • Body paragraph 2;
  • Body paragraph 3;
  • And Conclusion.

First of all, you have to plan your writing. Make sure that the readers can follow the progression of your argument. Write in a logical way. You have to provide both sides of the argument – supporting and opposing. Analyze the question your the topic of your essay has and do a writing plan.

When writing an introduction, provide a background on the topic. Explain why this topic is relevant and important. Through the thesis statement provide your own position about it. In the body paragraph, you should provide evidence and support for the thesis, mentioned in the introduction. Here you can use the citations from different reliable sources. But make sure that you follow the citation standards of the style you’re writing in. You should also include statistics and facts. Opposing views in the body part of your essay will make it even better and stronger. In the concluding part, you need to restate your thesis, based on the evidence and support mentioned in the body part.

So, now you know how to create a good argumentative essay. Choose your topic and start working on your writing too. Don’t know which topic can’t be interesting enough for an argumentative essay? Just select a topic, which is debatable enough to provide more than one evidence and point of view. Do a background research. Think about the arguments you can use, organize them in a logical way, and think of how you can back them up with the research-based evidence.


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