Women making it REALLY big in gambling

Let’s face it, when many of us play the latest casino games at Euro Palace, we do it because we are expecting to win it big. But, there are a few gamblers who have been lucky enough to strike it really big.
Interested in learning more? This time we put our focus on 3 ladies who made it really big in the world of gambling.


  1. The Waitress

Cynthia Jay led a simple life as a cocktail waitress at the Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas. But everything changed on January 20th, 2000, when she won almost $35,000,000.

It all began when she went to celebrate the birthday of her future mother in law. While out, she took the chance and played the Megabucks slot machine, a state-wide lottery jackpot, who’s prize had been increased several times. On her ninth pull, Cynthia won what was, at the time, considered to be large such jackpot ever.

Two short weeks later, she had (what was probably) the best day of her life, when she married her fiancé Terry Brandon. Unfortunately, less than two months from the auspicious occasion would see her unable to walk again.

She and her sister were sitting in her Camaro at a red light when she was hit by an intoxicated driver, with no less than 16 arrests on his record. This accident not only left the young waitress paralyzed from the chest down, it took the life of her sister.

Instead of traveling the world and enjoying the money with her husband like she planned, she is now confined to a wheelchair, unable to comb her own hair or even eat without someone helping her. For his nefarious crime, the drunk driver received no less than 28 years in prison. Now, Cynthia wishes that she had the option to give the money back in exchange for the ability to walk or to bring her sister back.

  1. The Grandma

For many of us, the game of craps is, well, a crapshoot. It seems pretty intimidating to those who don’t get how it’s played. After all, this game gives each player a variety of betting options and, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose your shirt quite easily – this is why it’s best to try your luck and learn how to play (from the comfort of your home) at online casinos like Euro Palace first. But, there’s also the chance that you may pick up the dice, make random bets for hours, and wins lots of money as well. Which odds do you prefer?

The above scenario sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But, this wasn’t the case for one lucky grandma. In 2009, Patricia Demauro decided to play craps with a friend at the Borgata in Atlantic City – it was only her second time.

Her friend played briefly, at which time Demauro decided to play a hand or two. The lucky grandma won over a hundred and fifty consecutive throws. To this day, she’s never disclosed the actual amount of her winnings. But we do know that she bought in for $10, and even the most conservative bets would have given her a profit of at least 50 times that amount.

  1. The Professional Poker Player

Although this list contains two players who randomly won it big, there are other gamblers who win millions because of their level of skill at a particular game. Take, Vanessa Selbst for example – this 30-year-old is one of the most successful women in poker playing history, when it comes to live tournaments.

She’s in possession of 3 World Series of Poker bracelets, and in different games – a wonderful testament to her skill and versatility. So far, she’s won over $11 million in tournament winnings, and (at one time) was ranked number one on the Global Poker Index. And, given the fact that she’s only 31 years old, she has plenty of time to not only achieve this prestigious honor once again, she also has lots of chances to win lots more money.



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