How to Wear Spring 2016 Trends According to Your Body Type

With spring getting closer each day it’s time we started planning and organizing our new outfits and wardrobes for the warm days to come. But fashion shows don’t always make it easier to decide on what to wear, especially since there are so many different body types. Apart from that, not everyone can pull off the same look straight off the runway.

The smartest way to go for fashion conscious women unclear about what spring trends to incorporate into their outfits is to start by choosing styles and shapes that will complement their body types and flatter their figures. With so many eclectic and amazing collections, cuts, patterns, and styles gracing the runways this year, you’re bound to find some great additions to your wardrobe no matter what your body type is.

body shape

Pear shaped body type

If your hips are larger than your bust and you have a well-defined waist, your body is probably pear shaped and your natural curves will make everyone jealous.

Tops that help balance your lower half will accentuate your waist, so look for off the shoulder shirts and blouses that are very popular in designer spring collections this year. They will make you look great. You can also opt for high necklines with ruffles, they are also very trendy this spring and they will draw attention to your neck and shoulders.

Puffy sleeves are a great way to get more volume on your top half and they were intensely used in 2016 spring fashion collections, so look for them and find some lovely tops to highlight your waist and draw some extra attention to your lovely neckline.

A-line skirts and simple straight line pants work best for your bottom half so look for pleated skirts since they are making a comeback this year. Find some lovely darker denim options with clean and simple stitching and pair them with a nicely embellished top. Backpacks have been popular choices as well so if you don’t want a large bag to make your outfit seem unbalanced wear an eye-catching trendy backpack instead for a stylish, urban look.


As you might have guessed, the idea here is to accentuate your shoulders and bust, in the detriment of your lower half. You need to balance things out, as far as your silhouette goes. Therefore, think of all the ways in which you could accentuate these top areas. One example is patterns, colors, and designs. Here is one outfit from the Chloe Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Fashion show. When you see this model, your eyes go straight to her top half, because that’s where all the color, stripes and bare shoulders are.

The blouse is tucked in, so that a beautiful balance is created between her shoulder area and her hips. If you’re not sporting a pixie cut, then make sure to tie your hair back. Leaving it flowing over your shoulders would defeat the purpose of showing them off.

Image_5_Chloe bare shoulders pear figure

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Moving right along, what other way of parading your torso is there? The cleavage. This is one major trend for 2016 spring season. All the designers seem to think in the lines of ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’. Even the very traditionalist and old house of Bally took to the trend in its Spring 2016 Ready to Wear Collection. Yet again, your eyes go straight to the neckline and remain there. But remember to keep it classy.



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Straight body type

If your bust and hips are of similar size and your waist is slightly smaller, you may have a straight or rectangular body shape. The best way to enhance your figure is to accentuate your natural waist while keeping your hips and bust equal and well balanced. If you want to give your body a bit more curve you can add volume to your top and bottom but make sure you do it proportionally.

Fluttered, puffy sleeves and structures shoulders work great for you and you’re in luck this spring because Victorian era inspired puffy sleeves are all the rage for this season and they are everywhere you look on the runway shows.

Off the shoulder tops were also a big hit in spring collections and they will do wonders for your figure. So, work them into your outfits with confidence. You can add a bit of volume on your bottom half by wearing a pleated skirt since pleats are very en vogue at the moment. Also, use larger pants like cargo pants or ones with flared legs to give your body more curve.

Seventies inspired outfits were very strongly featured in fashion shows and looser more androgynous pants were also widely used.


Another great way of adding volume and curves to your straight figure is by delving into the “pants and skirt” trend. If you don’t know what that is, simply take a look at what Lady Gaga wore at the Oscars just now. Gaga showed up on the red carpet sporting a one of a kind Brandon Maxwell white jumpsuit, composed of a corset, a pair of loose pants and an empire skirt on top. The effect was mesmerizing and it will be the same on your straight figure.

Here is the singer, as well as another example of how you can bring this style into the streets this spring.

Image_1_Lady Gaga

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Notice how these women’s stylists, in order to complement their straight figure as best as possible, heavily accentuated the bottom half of the ensemble and very slightly the top part. Gaga has the borders of her sweetheart corset architecturally enlarging her torso, while the other woman has cutouts at the shoulders. They create the illusion her shoulders are broader than they are in reality.

Hourglass figure

You’re already lucky if you’ve got an hourglass figure since your waist is well defined, while your bust and hips are well balanced. Still, there are a few things you can do to enhance your natural curves.

Look for tops and jackets that will accentuate your waist and that are more form fitting. When it comes to bottoms most styles will look great on you but since you can pull off more daring looks try out some pencil skirts and high-waisted pants with more balanced tops while pairing cargo pants or baggier pants with form fitting tops as an alternative.

Paper bag waist pants and skirts have made a comeback this season so you can have fun them. But they’re harder to pull off, so take advantage of the fact that your figure allows you to wear them. Seventies inspired pants will also work well with a form-fitting top, but make sure you wear tailored jackets that accentuate your waist when choosing suits. Add a cross-body bag and choose a unisex model for a more androgynous look, especially when wearing baggy pants.

Do you want to know what the best way of wearing this spring’s trends according to your hour-glass figure is? Two words: crop tops. What better way of showing you have a flat abdomen and a tiny waist than bearing your middle section for everyone to see? It’s time to bring sexy back this summer and you, lucky owner of the hour glass figure, need to show them how it’s done.

Here are two superb examples, one for casual and one for dressier wear. The first one is a timeless combination between a lacy, white crop-top with scalloped edges and a pair of high-wasted washed-out jeans. And while the look is simple enough, there are two tricks you need to be aware of, in order to really make your waste-line stand out.

Always wear a crop top with sleeves, just like you see here. You can also sport one with a few embellishments or pop of color at the shoulders. The idea is that it should make your shoulders look a bit broader than they really are. The second trick, again, just as you can see in the picture, is to wear a pair of jeans whose waist is half a number bigger than you would normally need. It will create the optical illusion that your hips are curvier and your waist is smaller.

The second example, a lot dressier, comes straight off the runway. It’s a breathtaking piece from Ermano Scervino’s Spring 2016 collection. The idea is just the same as above. A lacy crop-top, flowered hemline, and sleeves that make the model’s shoulders appear wider. The skirt has a high-waist and vertical ruffles cascading on the sides, which make her hips look broader. Simple, yet fancy!

Image_4_Emanuel Scervino crop top and skirt


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Top hourglass figure

If your bust is larger than your hips and you have a well-defined waist and lovely, curvy hips, your figure resembles the hourglass shape. This means it’s just a bit heavier on the top. In order to balance your ample bust with your smaller lower body, you can look for tops that will accentuate your waist.

V necks are definitely in right now and they are a great option for creating the illusion of a narrower torso. Tailored jackets and shirts can draw attention to your waist and darker colored tops will allow you to use more powerful accents in other areas. You can also choose bottoms that will give you more volume and enhance your lower half, such as full A-line skirts, embellished pants with flap pockets or cargo pants. Baggier, looser legs are in style right now so it shouldn’t be hard to find some great options to compliment your figure.

Oval body type

If your midsection is wider than your bust and you have narrow hips, in other words, you have an oval shaped body, the best thing to do create a more defined natural waist and draw attention away from your midsection.

Adding fullness to your lower body and creating curves around your lower half while emphasizing the waist can be a great way to give your lovely shapes more definition. Tops with vertical details work great for this body type and vertical stripes are very en vogue for this spring. Therefore, don’t be afraid to choose some 70’s inspired shirts that sport vertical lines. Take full advantage of the popularity of V necks this spring and chose some wider or square V-neck tops that will accentuate your lovely bust.

Other ways of accentuating your bust and taking the spotlight off your waist is by adding embellishments to your outfits. Think about the huge flower Carrie sported on that white mini dress. We’re, of course, talking about that amazing Halston Heritage white and gold cocktail dress with the huge flower pin on one of the shoulders. It was a clever reference to stylist Pat Field’s preference for giant flowers, which you should embrace as well, if you have an oval body type.


Do you need some more inspiration to take the attention away from your waist? How about you direct it towards your bottom half this time. The idea is that you need to make it as big as your waist. And for this we need to turn to the runways again and to the almighty tutu.

Here is a piece from Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear collection. It’s made up of a romantic and feminine white top with red roses, a long tutu skirt, and a nice white jacket on top. This will even out your entire figure, making your shoulders, waist, and hips look like they are all the same size. The optical illusion is based on the big tutu skirt and the oversized shoulder-pads.

Image_8_Vivienne Westwoof tutu outfit oval type

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Don’t forget the golden rule: highlight your waist using wrapped-style blouses or belts. Flared skirts will give your narrow hips more curves and cargo pants will give you more definition on your bottom half and you’re in luck because looser legs are popular for 2016 spring outfits. Just get creative and incorporate the elements that work best for your shape into your style.


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