In 37 Creative Ways You Can Apologize to Your Loved One..

Have you ever thought to say sorry in a creative way? Everyone make mistakes and disappoints their loved ones. Sometimes just  “I’m sorry” is not  enough or can be sometimes just words, you should always go for something unique. So,that the person will know you really mean that. They might believe you and your feelings. Likewise, if you have done something you are sorry for and are trying to make-up that mistake then you are at the right place.


You can find beautiful ideas through which you can make him feel how important he is to you.In each way, you can show your love towards him.So, check out these ideas, you never know how it may help you.

Short and sweet message

Sometimes just a short and sweet message can do wonders. It can be the easy and great way to make him feel how much guilty you are. Saying “I’m so sorry, I was wrong” can look small but can works really very well.

Secret messages

With secret messages, you can make him forgive you. You can hide that message where he would never think of. Maybe in his wardrobe or even in his drawer. Leave your pens open so he might get some hint.

Acknowledge our fault

When you realize that it’s your fault then try to accept that. If you accept your mistake and show him your sincerity then, you will surely be forgiven. Main thing is how you do. Not anything else then that.

Ask how to make it up

You can ask the person how you can prove that you are seriously sorry for what had happened. It may force him to think that you are genuinely accepting your mistake. You can try it. It can change his mind for sure.

Be self deprecating

Make him understand that nobody is perfect. Anybody can be mistaken so did you. Express him that you are exhausted when you think of that moment. Show him how affected you are. Convince him that how special he is to you.

Don’t expect forgiveness

The best way to apologize is by begging it face to face. You can explain him that he is not compelled to forgive you but make him believe that your apology is genuine. You just want him to know that his you are hurt with your own behavior

A handwritten note

Handwritten note can touch anybody’s heart. By using your words you can express how bad you are feeling. You can pour the entire thing you wanted to say. With that you can add your lovely memories with him. So that he could be happy while reading it.

Leave the note somewhere

If you re busy then no problem. You can leave a note with a gift in his bag. You can also put them in his books. So, that he could get surprised and happy to see your efforts. Make sure he accepts you’re sorry.

Make a list

Without using long paragraphs of text try to make a list. Meanwhile, you can make different lists to make him feel about “You are guilty about the situation”and“How much you love him”. Maybe seeing that, his heart might melt and can forgive you. Let’s take a chance.

Express regret

Justify him that if you could change what you have done, then you had tried that. But it is not in your hand. These things which you said can make him feel better. He might take step towards you. So, chill girl.

A message in a bottle

Surely, you know him very well. If your partner goes to kitchen, when he is back at home. In a water bottle, you can stick a handwritten note saying, “I m sorry”. It’s really cute. I don’t think he will ignore this lovely gesture. Just try it you never know what happens next.

Sticky notes

Writing on sticky notes can go very well in this case. You can write all the things you want to say. Say how much you love this person and stick them in his study table, dressing room mirror or anywhere. Try to use your creativity to touch his heart.

Play apology music

How crack your voice is doesn’t matter but be ready to make a song for your love. You can use compositions from your favorite songs. All you have to do is, just write lyrics. Those words can help you to win back his heart. We all know, music can heal every wound then why not this?

Write something

If you are a good writer or not, make up something he will laugh. Try to analyze your writing skills to memorize him about those funny moments. It may be hilarious but for him it may mean the world. Words are very effective medicine for any wound.

With a Candy

One more way to show you are extremely sorry by a candy. With that you can say that, you are sorry and it won’t happen ever. Hope he could understand you with a candy. Attempt it once for all. We will see the results later.

Cook food

As we all know, men’s way to heart starts with their stomach. If you are a good cook then half your work is done. By preparing his favorite dish, you can make him feel how you are feeling without him. With this, you can show he is very important part of you.

Take out

If you can’t cook at all, then do something else you are in best at. You can renovate his room according to his choice. It can convey you’re sorry to your partner. Maybe it’s the one that can solve your entire problem.

Clean up

Everyone admires when someone helps in your work. For instance when your partner is busy in something else and leaves his house dirty. Then, you can clean them up and leave a note stating that “I’m sorry” and can put you in his favorites again. Don’t loose your hope.

Posting pictures with him in social media

Posting a picture with the love of your life feels awesome. But for the guy, it makes him drives crazy. He will feel how special he is in her life. In return, he might accept your apology and by chance can see your dedication. Have a try.

Sometimes keep distance from him

Sometimes distance can solve many problems. Try to avoid him, so that he can feel the way you’re going through. Don’t you think, it might end up in a good way. Be positive in every manner.

Add his friends in your friend list

He is someone whom you can’t stay away from.  You have one more choice to make yourself forgiven.  And that can be possible with his friends. Try to interact with his friends and to know how you can convince him. What are other ways?

Dedicate a performance

When you dedicate something to the one is really amazing. You do these things for which you think more than yourself. He will not feel less than being a VIP. It may be anything a dance or a song; you addressed his name in what you are doing that’s enough for him. He may then see how hard you are trying to get him back.

Surprise him with anything he likes

It’s natural that everybody loves to get surprises. Arranging something special for someone is romantic. By doing such a planning, he will get to know you  and your feeling quite clearly. It will make him feel exceptional in every sense.

Sketch a picture of him

More than words, visual can attract you. If you are good at drawing pictures then this can be a perfect option. As you can show him how capable you are. At the same time recognize him that you are incomplete without him.

Buy a gift

It can be anything, bouquet of flowers or something else. Just to say you are very sorry you can do this one. This gift will memorize him that how guilty you are. You should be forgiven. So, don’t make yourself sad instead do these.

Get him pair of flip-flops

Gifts are always pleasant to have. You can present him a new pair of flip-flops with a cute message. Write something promising him that you won’t do any flop things now. Instead will make things flip. Please forgive me.

Wearing I’m sorry t-shirt

It’s up to what you can do to get forgiveness from your loved one. You can wear a t-shirt printed “I’m sorry”. Not only this, you should go wherever he goes. Make him feel that he have no other way other than forgiving you. It’s quite obvious that he will be little embarrassed.

Try with different languages

It’s not that easy but i know you can do it. For this, you need to do lots of research. You can write you are sorry in different languages. Remember; use it as much as possible. Your efforts won’t be escaped from him. He then, can change his mind.

Picture collage

Arrange all your pictures altogether. Choose which one you want to put and prepare a collage of your old memories and drop it to his house or decorate it in his room and don’t forget to write I’m sorry on it. He can’t control his emotion after this.

Brutally Honest Balloons

Send him bunch of balloons. Each one with a message, how guilty you are. You are such in pain without him. His company was the mot wanted thing in your life. If he won’t forgive you, the spark in your life will dim. When he comes, it becomes too late.

Email videos

Find a video on you tube or you can yourself make a video. Saying, how bad you are feeling. Knowingly or unknowingly he is hurt with your behavior. Do something that can cheer him up. What you can do more is your concern.

Take a photo 

You can find it silly but this can actually work. Firstly, click a picture of yourself with different poss. Some with a pout tongue out, wink and like that. Send him these snaps with a message that, you want another click along with him.

Create an apology ticket

With this creative idea you can create a buzz in his head. In this ticket, you can add name of yours and the whom you are saying sorry to. After that, you can add a box, where you can say the reason why you are sorry and what it means to you. Seeing this he might understand how much you care for him.

Get help from your pet

Everybody adores pet. Some loves dog and cat what your partner love? If he have a pet you can take his help to say sorry.  You can make a cute card and tie it to pet’s collar & send them where your loved one is. It’ such a cute thing to do and finger crossed.

Write a letter

You can write more than you can say. In this letter, put your heart so, that he can listen to your beat. Don’t leave anything to your mind pour it all. Showing all love and emotions may sometimes make him feel by heart not the mind. Hopefully it works.

List of reasons why you need them back

It’s a romantic way to apologize to the ones you love. Saying sorry is so easy but telling that in a different way is commendable. By making a list of reasons, you can make him feel you are crazy for him. You can’t think anything beside him. Convince him, he is everything to you.

With a dinner date

Arrange a romantic  dinner for your loved one. Don’t forget to order his favorite food before his arrival. Although, he might not talk to you. But watching your delightful preparation will surely make him feel honored.