Turn Him On ! Tease and Tantalize Your Man with the 5 Senses

You have heard that saying “too much of a good thing” right? Well believe it or not that can actually be true when it comes to finding ways to turning on your man. Women tend to think they need to go all out with their looks, make-up, clothes, and even their tone of voice. In reality men like to be turned on by the “less is better” mentality. In other words, don’t try so hard to turn your man on; instead just do it naturally with a little extra and that will drive him wild. Every woman has her own idea of what will turn a man on but sometimes those ideas get to be too jumbled and disorganized. Other times women feel like they have done everything they can think of to turn him on and have run out of ideas. Well here is an easy solution: break it down by the five senses. Of course all of these will have to be tailored to your man’s preferences; but here are a few ideas to get him turned on.

Turn Him ON


If you have not figured it out by now men are visual. That is why they feel the need to gaze at you every time you wear something he finds sexy. Use the sense of sight to your advantage. It has been scientifically proven that when men see red they automatically think of sex. If you want to get your man revved up in the bedroom then ditch the frilly pink stuff and go with a sultry red and black lace lingerie piece. Or if you are going on a date for a special occasion make sure you wear something red. Make sure not to overdo it with the red though; too much and you will stand out and not in a good way.


Two things men love to smell: perfume and food. When it comes to turning on your man with the sense of smell you have a few options here. You can dab a bit of perfume on your wrists, the base of your neck, and right above your belly button. Those are the places that when he reaches will turn him on; the perfume will just add to his excitement. Sorry to tell you ladies but the smell of a candle will not turn your man on. Another way to use scent to turn him on is to let him smell your own personal scent. Pheromones are sexy to guys! When it comes to their lower region women are not confident and tend to think there is an odor; however this natural scent drives a man crazy! Please do not cover it up by drenching your love kitten in perfume.


This is where you want to use food and your body to your advantage. Have you ever considered being his human buffet? It is actually pretty easy and VERY sexy. Cover your body with sexy foods like slippery fruits, small marsh mellows, and use a tasty drizzle like melted chocolate or caramel. Don’t be shy where you put the food on your body either. Sure you want them to be strategically placed but you also want to make sure you give him a fun sexy trail to follow. Make sure you use your imagination when it comes to this; use the foods he likes. You may also want to enlist the help of a girlfriend to help you get set up on the table and place the food in the right spots. That is what girlfriends are for right? When your man sees you naked on a table with delicious food covering your hot body he won’t be able to help but get turned on! Let his tongue take a tour of your hot spots.


Women tend to forget that our hands can drive a man wild in more ways than one. If you want to try something new in bed to turn him on then focus on giving him a hand job. There is a great deal of emphasis on oral sex we tend to forget that men love hand jobs. It is hotter coming from you for a couple of reasons. Think about it; he is always giving himself his own so a new set of hands will feel amazing to him. Also, as mentioned before men are visual so watching you please him this way will drive him wild.

You can also give him a sensual body massage. Here is a hint though: stay away from oil. Men prefer something like an odorless lotion or body cream. Slowly but firmly start at the base of his neck and work your way down. The key to making this a mind blowing massage is making sure you hit the spots that are ignored. Rub in between his toes, rub his ankles, and make sure to rub his butt.


Chances are the first thing that came to mind when it comes to using sound to turn your man on is dirty talk. Yes, dirty talk is a fantastic way to turn your man on but it is an art form and takes practice. What you see in porn movies with the rough name calling and loud screaming is not a turn on for most men. Again, if your man likes that then by all means go for it. However polls show men tend to shy away from that kind of dirty talk and prefer just a few things instead. If you want to turn him on audibly then when you are in the midst of a hot sex session; lean into his ear and tell him you are about to orgasm. Men LOVE to hear this because it makes them feel accomplished. Make sure you throw in some moaning and compliment his bedroom skills.

This article explains different ways you can turn your man on by utilizing the five senses. Explore different ideas with each one and see how much you can turn your man on!

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