Trinkets You Should Own

Trinkets are small items that we use to make our clothes appear more interesting, but despite their small size, they still play a role in how we look. A necklace, bracelet, ring or some other accessory may not be as important as your shirt, pants or dress, but they can still influence the rest of your clothes. So if you’re looking for some useful fashion trinkets then here are three options that you can try.


Charms are very versatile accessories. Not only do they come in several varieties, you can also combine them with all kinds of clothes and attires. There are even custom made charms for people who want to add something unique to their style.

A charm bracelet, an esoteric-looking necklace or a custom-made ring are good examples of charm accessories. They can be used to complement casual, semi-casual, outdoor, semi-formal and various other other fashion styles.

Also, some charms are designed to be special and elegant while others are meant to look colorful or charming. So before you buy a set of charms, remember that there are different types to choose from, and you should choose the types which compliment your own unique style.

Boho Fashion

Boho fashion is a style of fashion that draws inspiration from bohemian and hippie fashion. They’re eccentric, unconventional and sometimes, ostentatious. A good example is Boho Jewelry, which is often worn at Mardi Gras and certain festivals.

This type of fashion peaked during the late 2005 when it became associated with other unconventional forms of fashion. During this period, Boho became associated with Boho-Chic, which is a newer style that uses boho accessories to make most types of apparel appear less formal and more “bohemian.

Unfortunately, boho fashion is not for everyone. You will need a carefree, easy-going style to pull off the boho look correctly. It’s also the type of style that looks best on women who have an artistic side. So if you want to go boho with your jewelry and accessories, make sure that it fits your personality.

Diamond Fashion

Diamond jewelry were only worn for formal apparels in the past, but they can now be used for other types of fashion. Diamond studs and bracelets, for example, can be used on business and semi-formal attires.

The best diamond accessories are the fake ones though. Some people use them to experiment with different styles and apparel. A fake diamond necklace, for example, can look nice on a semi-formal dress or suit. Likewise, a fake diamond ring can also be used on semi-business or even casual apparel to make them appear more formal.

Of course, diamond accessories are not compatible with all kinds of attire, and they usually don’t look good on rough or colorful wardrobe. So before you buy a set of diamond or faux diamond accessories, make sure that you have the right clothes for them.


There are many fashionable trinkets out there, and they all have something special to offer you and your wardrobe. So whether you’re trying to make your clothes more colorful or you want to look more formal, be sure to choose a set of trinkets that matches your style.