Tips to make your wedding day festive

Will he? Will he not?

If he has popped the question, we are sure that wedding bells will be ringing soon. Wedding means a lot of things will need to be decided. What dress will you wear? What theme will you have? Should it be a simple affair or a festive one.

In case you wish to make your wedding affair a festive one, here is our guide to making your wedding celebration memorable:

Rent a big space

If the day is big, why should the space be small? We would recommend you to book a park, field, warehouse that has a good amount of space. In order to secure the best deal, look around and explore a few spots before finalising one.

Focus on the lighting

Lighting matters. Use candles, lanterns for soothing lighting effects. The importance of lighting is often ignored when it comes to a wedding celebration. If you want to create a festive aura, experiment with lighting.

Hire professional photographers

You will need albums to bore your family and friends for the years to come, won’t you? Many people commit the mistake of not hiring professional wedding photographers. We hope that you won’t do it.

Or pick a wedding photo booth

The day will be gone but the memories last a lifetime. We are sure you want to keep a record of your wedding day. You can opt for a photo booth. For instance, if you are looking for cheap wedding photo booth hire in Perth, you can check this out.



Don’t go wrong with music

You will have plenty of options when it comes to hiring DJ. Do a thorough research and pick the one that suits your needs. With music, you can add a joyous vibe to your wedding.

Use flower crowns

Especially for the bride and the bridesmaids. When it comes to flowers, the more the merrier.

Do not forget the cake

Again, there is a possibility to experiment. With cakes, you can choose a theme of your choice. You can pick something that shows how you met or the activity that you love to do together. With cakes, you can never go wrong.

Have a well planned seating chart

A good wedding is the result of a good planning. To ensure that your guests do not face any hassles, have a well planned seating chart. By a well planned seating chart we mean that you can group people of similar interests together so they have a good time.

Have an outdoor bar

For an outdoor bar, you do not have to spend a lot. If you sift through enough options, you will find that you can easily get one in an affordable budget.

Keep it brief

If the wedding ceremony is too long, people will simply lose interest. It is wise to keep the proceedings as short as possible. We do not intend to say that you should rush such an important ceremony but try to keep it simple and small.

Wedding games

As we said, a good wedding is the result of good planning. Plan wedding games and involve everyone in it. Doing so will help you make the day more joyous and the memories more cherishable.


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