Tips on Buying a Used Car

When you are planning to purchase a used car it is very important to make sure that you have all sorts of information about it. When you buy a new vehicle there are no surprises you can have – if anything goes wrong you can rely on a warranty. However, when you purchase a used vehicle, there is a high probability that the previous owner won’t give some kind of important information you really need about a vehicle in question.

In a long line of things to do when buying a car there is one you must do – checking the vehicle VIN number. This check can performed via online service and it only demands from you entering the VIN number in the corresponding field. Anyway, the step-by-step guide is provided below.

Step 1 – Making a Choice Based on Purpose

What comes the first when you purchase the car is defining the purpose of purchase. Why do you need that car? Are you going to purchase a new car for you only? Is this going to be ce a vehicle for family rides or is it the first car for your child that just got driving license? Is it going to be used for country ride or trips within the city?

After you answer the question why you buy the car you can define the suitable parameters for your vehicle. For example, if it is going to be the family car you need a spacious and reliable vehicle with all safety features, maybe with TV and huge luggage section. If the car is intended to be used for country rides you need the one with the powerful engine though less spacious. If it is a vehicle for a beginner driver – it only has to be safe and there is no need to be obsessed by its general looking and technical condition much as probable you are going to use this car only for 1-2 years.

So after the choice is made you need to define the vehicle conditions:

  • mileage
  • driving history
  • accident history
  • reports on recalls and defect
  • type of the car
  • estimated car

After you define the minimum standards your future vehicle has to respond you can get the choice. However, that is what you are going to do on your own.

Step 2 – Checking the Vehicle History

You are probably looking for a vehicle online and if you have found on a website a car which is seems to be good enough for you, it would be a good idea to contact its current owner and ask some questions about the car:

  • how many owners there were
  • what is the mileage
  • what kind of repairs were done
  • which details were replaced
  • have there been any accidents
  • who was driving the car
  • was it stored in the garage or not

However, the best question would be what is the VIN number of a vehicle. The answer on this question would allow you to provide full online check of the vehicle. And you are guaranteed that the answers are fair enough to believe in.

Step 3 – Physical Examination of the Vehicle 

The last thing you surely need to do is to provide a proper physical examination of the vehicle. It is very important to check it on scratches and damage that hasn’t been pointed out previously by the current owner. Check whether the engine number, the VIN number and other identification data complies with those that was pointed out in documents.

After you do this it would be a good idea to ask a car for a test-drive – it would be better to take it for 2-3 days and if you are going to make a purchase for a long time you should not only drive the car and test it on different surfaces and conditions but also provide the diagnostics in the auto repair shop.


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