Tips and Tricks for a Clean Workplace

Nobody enjoys a messy, disorganized or dirty work environment. While it’s understandable that some jobs are going to involve getting dirty – such as construction, plumbing and automotive repair – everyone still benefits from a clean and organized workspace and feels good when they can take pride in their work environment. The benefits of having a clean workplace are not simply aesthetic. In fact, studies show that many workers are healthier, happier, safer and more productive in a clean workplace.

Below are four ways that you can create such an environment for yourself and your employees.

1. Create a Culture of Cleanliness

Your employees will follow your lead, even when you might not want them too. If the boss is messy and disorganized, you can bet that the rest of the staff will be more likely to mimic that same irresponsible behavior.

So in order to create an organizational culture that encourages cleanliness and personal responsibility among its staff, management should take the lead by having all senior staff engage in at least some cleaning and organizing on a regular basis, even if it’s just by cleaning up their desks at the end of each workday or taking a turn to clean the breakroom once a month.

2. Get Organized With a Cleaning Checklist

A good place to start your cleanup campaign is to create checklists for cleaning tasks that should be done daily, weekly, monthly and even annually. The specific tasks might vary by department, depending on the work environment. So you might have one checklist for your sales team and different list for your warehouse and delivery employees. Assume that employees will freely share and discuss cleaning initiatives across departments, so make sure to keep a balance so that everyone is doing their fair share.


The study mentioned at the beginning of this article found that clean work environments lead to, on average, a 12 percent increase in productivity. So if you’re looking for ideas on how to organize your cleaning tasks and the benefits of doing so, the article Keep Your Office Healthy and Productive with an Office Cleaning Checklist from Southern Cross Cleaning Service explains how a clean office leads to increased productivity. Once you have your checklists ready, you can email them to each employee for reference and post hard copies in the appropriate areas. Managers could also review checklists and seek input at staff meetings when appropriate.

3. Ruthlessly Eliminate Clutter

Once the actual cleanup begins, the best place to start is by eliminating clutter. Every office, workshop, warehouse and sales floor has places where clutter tends to accumulate. Allowing that clutter to remain in place puts a drain on employee morale, so don’t make excuses for keeping it around. If it’s broken, missing parts, unusable or is unnecessary in any way, get rid of it and utilize that space more efficiently.

4. Provide Employees With Cleaning Wipes

Many companies decide to outsource their office cleaning needs and have a janitorial service come in on nights and weekends to vacuum, empty trash receptacles, restock restrooms, etc. But even if you are doing that, your staff should still take personal responsibility for keeping their own workstations clean and organized. An easy way to encourage daily cleanup is to supply your employees with some cleaning supplies right there at their desks or in their work vehicles.

Antibacterial cleaning wipes are excellent for wiping down desktops, phones, keyboards, touchscreens and vehicle interiors. Not only do the wipes kill germs and reduce illnesses, but they also keep dust and grime from building up on these surfaces.If your work environment hasn’t been getting the attention it deserves for a long time and the dust and clutter are piling up, now is the time to do something about it. Put these four workplace cleaning tips into action and see how it makes a difference for your employees and in your own state of mind as you go about your day.