Ten Special Things to Do with your Boyfriend

Of course you love every minute you spend with your boyfriend, no matter what you do. But if you want to change things up a bit by trying something new together, there are plenty of interesting ideas you can try. Some things may appeal to him right away, but some may take him beyond his comfort zone. If he is willing to go along with an idea that seems a little lame or far-fetched at first, he may find out that this activity can become a favorite way to have fun together.

things to do with boyfriend

1. Rent a Classic Scary Movie

You can always go to the movie theater to see a scary movie, but watching one at home can be even better. Set the scene by dimming the lights and drawing the shades, and have a huge bowl of popcorn ready to avoid nail biting. Light some flickering candles and place them in strategic locations in order to contribute to the mood. Then get set to cuddle closer as you watch the horror unfold. If you have never seen classics like Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, The Exorcist or The Shining, you are in for a treat.

2. Take Dancing Lessons

You may be a lucky girl who has a boyfriend who loves to dance, but chances are he may be a little insecure about showing off his moves. Taking dancing lessons together can teach you both the basics and build on what you already know to bring your dancing skills to the next level. Once you get comfortable, be adventurous and try a sexy Latin dance like the salsa or the samba.

3. Bake a Cake Together

A fun thing to do on a date with your boyfriend is to bake a cake together. Order in food for dinner at home, and while you are waiting for the delivery mix up a cake for dessert. The cake can cool while you eat, and then the fun really begins when you decorate with over-the-top ideas. Or, if you love competition, you can each bake your own and see which one comes out best. And the best part – eating your creations, of course.

4. Become Supermodels for the Day

Have you ever looked through a magazine and thought it would be fun to pose like a model? Clip out some interesting shots, grab your camera and get ready for a photo shoot with your boyfriend. Choose a great outdoor location and set out an hour or two before the sun goes down. Wear matching or coordinating outfits, so when you put a collage of your finished photos together it will look amazing. Take turns behind the camera and take pictures of each other as you strike a pose, and pay attention to details like head position and hand placement. Or, you can just snap candid moments without a formal pose for fun.

5. Go Skating

Whether you go ice skating and fall all over yourselves as you catch your balance or execute a perfect figure 8, bundling up and spending some time on the ice together can be loads of fun. If weather conditions are not right or if your town does not have an ice skating rink, try roller skating. Just make sure not to go when roller derby competitions are going on. These no-holds-barred elbow intensive races are making a comeback lately, especially among the ladies. If you go, you can usually rent skates if you do not have your own. Who knows, you may be the newest couples skating competitors.

6. Ride a Roller Coaster

Have fun by spending the day together at a theme park or a carnival. Put your hands in the air as you ride the roller coaster, cuddle on the Ferris wheel and see who wins the most prizes at the arcade games. When you are ready to take a break, an amusement park is a great place to people watch.

7. Go to the Beach

There is something very romantic about crashing waves and the warmth of the sand beneath your feet. Pack a picnic lunch and go to the beach for the entire day, or take some snacks and go toward evening to watch the sun set or the moon rise for an amazing, romantic experience.

8. Schedule Face Time

If you are secure in your relationship, build your trust by confiding your deepest fears to each other. Who knows, that long-held fear of bungee jumping or speaking in front of people may begin to disappear after your heart-to-heart talk. At the very least, you will get to understand each other better.

9. Learn to Snorkel

Tackling a new skill together like snorkelling can be a lot of fun. If you are fortunate enough to live near a beach where you can snorkel, or if you can afford to go to a place that does, it can be an amazing experience. If not, you may be able to learn in a swimming pool. Snorkelling looks complicated, but all you have to do is put on your fins, find a mask and snorkel that fit, and start swimming.

10. Have a Grand Adventure

Pretend you are a tourist and see the sights and attractions that others would plan on when visiting. You may be near a world-class draw like New York’s Statue of Liberty, or there may be a national park nearby. Most towns have famous monuments commemorating important events in history. If not, hop in the car or take the bus to the nearest spot with some interesting places of interest to have a grand adventure.