50 Amazing Ways To Prove Your Hubby That He Is Special:

Show your love to the man you are in love with and got married to. Just try to do something that makes him feel you love him. Pamper him as a child, fight with him like a teenage girl and take care of him like your father.


There are some other ways which will surely help you to make him feel special:


1. Appreciate him

When your husband really works hard or does something for you then praise him for that. Everyone wishes to be understood and cherished by their loved ones. When you are in bad mood don’t act violently instead think about your beautiful moments spent with him.

2. Make him feel he is special

While he is going to office put a love note in his Tiffin box. At office, when he will open his box his stomach will be full with your love. He will sense your love and feel his importance in your life.

3. Don’t react much

Whenever we have a fight first thing we do is we react. We are not able to think at that time and when we realize it becomes too late. So, try to avoid this and try to be calm. It can help you in for your married life.

4. Flirt with him

It’s so funny how we completely flirt while dating, but after getting married we forget to have fun with each other. Marriage comes with responsibilities but that doesn’t mean love gets fade. It makes your relationship stronger and provides you the opportunity to know each other.

5. Text each other.

Surprise your loved one with an unexpected messages or a text him how much you love him. Find reasons to fill the gap between him and you. Try to get connected through phone calls or through emails and chats.

6. Cook his favorite dish

As we all know, men’s way to heart starts with their stomach. If you are a good cook then half your work is done. By preparing his favorite dish you will add an extra point in his love challenge.

7. Do what he likes

Wear the dress he wants to see you in. Go for a movie he is interested in. Make all the things according to his wishes. With this he will feel your love and in return he will love you more than before.

8. Spend time

After marriage husband is busy in his office and you in yours. This can lead to communication gap so you have to spend time with each other as much as possible. if not then it can hamper your relationship in many ways.

9. Enjoy his company

Whether his talks are boring or funny try to avoid that. Just think that you are with him and those talks don’t bothers you in any way. All it matters is that he is with you.

10. Take interest in his interest

Marrying him means accepting him as he is. With that you acknowledge his hobbies, his friends and all his doings. You should not only enjoy his interest but also enjoy as he does. It will ensure him about your love for him.

11. Express your love in a unique style

It’s easy to say the words “I love you,” but it’s more romantic when you say that in your own creative way. You can express it through love notes or by writing it with your lipstick on a tissue paper. It is so cute.

12. Don’t create distance

When men and women are together, fight is so obvious. So, whenever you have fights try to sort it out as soon as possible. It may sometimes build coldness between you two. Try to apologize first. Doing this you won’t get smaller instead you will be loved more.

13. Try to observe your husband as a person

We fight with those who are close to us. In the same way, sometimes with the situation you get frustrated and you unknowingly blame and pass judgment on your husband. Just think before you do that, he is also a human like you. More than that, he is part of you and your happiness.

14. Allow him to sleep

A man works day and night for his family. He never speaks about his problems. For that, you can let him sleep as much he wants. He feels tired and dizzy.

15. Hugs and Kisses

After getting married, love gets fade sometimes. So, to blossom your love you should express it with hugs and kisses. So that it will remain everlasting and you will look like newly married couples.

16. Convey your fondness

With his small-small efforts try to admire him. Make him feel that how much you need him. Without him you are incomplete.

17. Hold him close

Sometimes your husband is tired of problems. He needs someone’s shoulder to cry on. So, be that shoulder and make him feel comfortable. Show how strong your relationship is.

18. Hold each other’s hand wherever you go

Holding each other hand represents closeness. And when you two are together anything can look special. It maintains the connection of before the marriage till now. It assures you that your bond with your beau is getting stronger day by day.

19. Have a look in his eyes

When you have conversations about anything have an eye contact. It may be serious matter or casual but eyes speak more than words can. Eyes express more than the things he wanted to say. You can understand him more if you look into his eyes while talking to him.

20. Compliment him

Complimenting him while he is going to office will make his day. His mood will be refreshed. He will remember you more often. It’s the way to lead your relationship to next level.

21. Poke him

When he is busy with his work, irritate him with paper in his ears and sometimes snatching his files. It will make him feel how important he is. Although, he can get angry but when he realize it he will loved it.

22. Surprise him

We love surprises as well as your husband too. Same routine can make you bored so for a change invite him for candle light dinner. You can express your love and have a great time together.

23. Encourage him

When he is new in the field and don’t have the confidence try to motivate him. Make him feel he can do it. Give him the suggestions and ideas so that he can calm down. With that he will feel your importance and know you more.

24. Spend according to your budget

Don’t spend much as he works very hard to earn. When you waste the money, he might not say anything. But deep inside he is hurt. As he works day and night to get it and you are flowing his money like water. That’s not fair.

25. Greet him as much as you can

After you woke up wish him a good morning. When he goes to office wish him a goodbye. At night you can greet him goodnight. These are simple things but it really matters.

26. Offer help

Your husband is busy with his work. He wants you to understand it. Can you just ask him or help him in his work? You can for sure do that. You can assist him in his work like you can read out what he has been writing or anything else.

27. Sense the feeling of touch

Every husband wants his beloved to be close to her. It gives him the strength to do things for her. While you go out with him, hold your hands with his. When he is ready for office send him with a kiss. It makes him feel great.

28. Remember your special occasions

Don’t forget the day you met and he proposed you. Make these days special and give him a surprise on these days. He will admire your hard work and his love for you will grow more and more.

29. Be soft

In a fight or at any situation calm yourself. If you behave roughly with him he will also get angry. So, try to act soft and if you do that situation could be easy for you. And he will like it.

30. Plan a vacation

For a break and for having a great time together you can go for a vacation. You can then have a fresh start. You can sort of your ongoing problem out there. You can also enjoy your time with each other.

31. Make him believe that you are proud to have him

He really works hard for you and in return he needs nothing but an appreciation. With small-small things try to admire him as a person and your husband. He will be overwhelmed with your little effort. So, express him not with words but with some innovative ideas.

32. Make him laugh

Due to his hectic schedule, he doesn’t have time to enjoy. So be there to entertain him. Give him reason to smile and cherish his life. Not only this, read out funny jokes sitting beside him. He will feel relaxed and little stressed out.

33. Share everything

It can be feelings or things share that with your hubby. If you tell him everything then he will trust you more than he used to. He will feel great listening to your talks.

34. Pray for his well-being

He is with you like your shadow. You are part of him and it’s your duty to take care of him. And in front of god you should ask for his life and his security. He means a lot to you and prove it through your wishes.

35. Ask him suggestion

It may be about your job or anything else, try to involve him in your matter. Whenever you get a chance make him believe that you need him in your life. You should engage him in your question so that he can know more about you.

36. Put your expectation level low

Try to give 100 percent of yourself but don’t expect the same from your husband. He tries to do everything for you. Sometimes we expect so much that it can hurt us. So, make it low that you don’t desire much.

37. Add his friends in your list

He is the most special person in your life and his friends too. Try to relate with his friends and go around with them to know them better. He will be very pleased to see that.

38. Cheer him up

His mood really matters yours. So, try to make-up his mood at any cost. Give him reasons to be happy. Act like a child or anything possible but put a smile on his face as its your biggest responsibility.

39. First priority

Whatever the situation is don’t forget to love him. He is your first and main priority. For him, try to do what he likes the most. Always try to make him feel special and give him compliments more often.

40. Support him in all situations

When you are going to dark phase don’t let him walk alone. Hold his hand in that time. It matters a lot in any relationship. Tough time reflects person’s nature and their love towards the person.

41. Stand by him

Try to be there in happy or in sad situation. Make efforts to know his problems. That’s how you can support in his way. Get some time for him to understand what he has been going through.

42. Learn to enjoy with his hobbies

Try to be happy in someone else’s happiness. Sometimes it can be boring and you wants to distract yourself but don’t do that. It may make him feel bad. Just think of him and make his hobby yours.

43. Treat him like a child.

You know, some children are innocent and some are naughty. Like a child, take care of your hubby. it don’t only indicates about his food and other things. But also need love and support from you. So that he can flow happiness in your way.

44. Make a chart of his like/dislike

If you make a chart you won’t forget about his interest. It will help you at doing your work in a proper way. t can be in cooking or buying something for him. Try this it really works.

45. Go with the flow

If your husband is not in mood to go out understand his situation. Don’t react but cheer him up. Act according to his mood it will make his mood good.

46. Don’t change yourself

When are in a new environment you try to live according to it. That’s nice but don’t change completely. Your hubby loves you as you are. If you change yourself then your love can also change for him. So better be alert.

47. Maintain trust

When you are in a relationship trust is the must. If you loose it, it’s really hard to gain it. Try to keep your promise otherwise it can damage your relation. It makes your bond weak. So be careful about this.

48. Be thankful to him

Have a heart with lots of love for your husband. Always mention a token of thanks when he takes you for a walk or for shopping. If you want to thank him more you can also add a gift or give him a big hug.

49. Grateful to be his better half

When it is possible realize him about your love towards him. How much he matters in your life. Without him you are nothing. So ask him to be there always and love each other like nobody is watching.

50. Don’t even think to change him

After you are bound with him in a relationship, you might want to change some of his habit. But with that don’t change he himself. You have loved him as he was. Now if you try to change him then you yourself won’t like him.