Notable Innovations In Household Cleaning

In order to live in a healthy and clean house, you need to dust, sweep, mop, scrub and sometimes use various chemicals. In the present modern day home, the products used for cleaning are designed with multi functional usage and are lightweight to make it easier, safe and efficient.

Pet Stain Products

Having pets at home become like family, yet pet accidents can leave troubling stains and odors behind. A mixture of vinegar, water and baking soda can be useful for getting rid of pet stains. But if you need something stronger, you will need a quality pet stain remover. These days there are a variety of pet stain removal products that you can choose from. It works on any stubborn pet stains and odors, as well as stains and odors caused by food, vomit, blood and more. They mostly contain an advanced natural enzymatic cleaning formula that eliminates tough stains and odors caused by pets. It can also be used as a pre-wash stain treatment on carpets, floors, furniture, bedding and more. Some of these products are scented and others are not. They are safe to use around children and pets. Some of these products can be used for old and new stains, and their strong odor discourages pets from re-soiling the same area.


Washing windows is one of the daily chores, by using Winbot  you will never have to use old methods such as old newspapers, buckets and vinegar. You only have to stick the Winbot to the glass and it will do the whole job. It is great for cleaning large areas of glass, leaving it clean and sparkly.

Electric Mop

The Electric mop is designed to clean all kinds of floors, such as marble, wood, tiles and carpets with replaceable pads. It sweeps, scrubs, and mops the floor at once. This mop is a time saver, and you can use it without adding harsh detergents and chemicals.

Backpack Vacuum

The Backpack vacuum is a powerful, light-weight cleaning machine that can be used anywhere. It cleans faster and is much more comfortable and convenient than your standard vacuum as you can wear them on your back. You can use it for cleaning hard to reach areas, and you can use it for long periods of time, this is because of its smaller size and weight. Users of the backpack vacuum praise it for its lightweight nature, lengthy cable, allowing you to reach all over the household, and impressive suction, especially on hard floors.

Touchless Trash

This is probably one of the most convenient innovations made for household sanitation. The trash can is probably the dirtiest thing as we touch it with dirty hands, or the dirty or rotten objects that we throw away come into contact with the lid of the trash can. This invention is amazing because it has sensors that will open the lid without you having to touch it. It seals entirely, keeping the horrible odors sealed in.

There are a lot of new notable innovations in household cleaning that are popping up pretty much on a daily basis, and they’re bound to change our lives, making it better, easier and much more convenient.