It Did What? Secrets About Mattresses

Sleep is one of the important body processes that humans need to pay attention to. After the busy life we lead during the day, we all need a good night’s sleep to recover and be ready for the next day. A comfortable bed and mattress are what we need for a good shut eye. Mattress manufacturers know this fact, that is why they are making every possible innovation in their products to be conducive to rest and sleeping. There are several mattresses to choose from out there, and each of them brings the promise of good sleep and relaxation. Because mattresses are such important bedroom furnishings, only very few people are curious and want to know the secrets about them. We are about to find out what these secrets are. 

Almost all innersprings come from a single company

One thing worth knowing is that most innerspring mattresses have the same internal workings. What’s more surprising is that 90% of these steel coils are all coming from a single company: Leggett & Platt Inc. Given this revelation, it is now insignificant to select brand names as they no longer matter. Also, coil counts and wire gauges no longer hold the bearing since almost all of them come from a single manufacturer. Don’t be immediately impressed with the firm or soft mattress specs boasting heavy-duty construction. Any mattress from a reputable manufacturer can last you until a decade or even more.

There is more than one option for mattress types

People may assume that the innerspring type of mattress is the only available mattress type in circulation. This is because this design still has the highest rate of sales and is the cheapest option when it comes to mattress types. The second option is the air chamber mattress. Instead of steel coils, these mattresses use internal air chambers to create firmness and softness. For people who can’t choose from either a firm or soft mattress or who prefer both, there are models that combine both soft and firm mattresses on each side. The third option is the memory foam mattress. This type uses a high-tech foam to conform to your body mold and minimize pressure points. This, in turn, can reduce turning and awkward sleeping positions.

Although the second and third options cost higher than a basic innerspring mattress, it doesn’t mean that these mattress types can guarantee you a good sleep. The best way of choosing is through your own comfort.

Mattresses have very large markups

Believe it or not, mattresses have very large markups when it comes to the furniture business. Retailer stores or outlets can put prices nearly double the actual price of the mattress. Thus, it is best to bargain or haggle for the price. You may be surprised at how low the price can go when you try to negotiate for it. Another option is an online purchase. Online purchase can also save you more than 50% less in cost than buying through a commercial retailer or furniture store. This is due to online mattress selling directly to buyers rather than find a middle man to sell the goods.

There are plenty of marketing and manufacturing secrets when it comes to mattresses. Learning a few secrets can help you make better decisions when choosing mattresses. Aside from comfort, proper sleep hygiene and practices can make your sleeping very comfortable. So when choosing the best mattress, I always consider other factors before making the purchase. Also, it would be good if the furniture dealer offers a money-back or return-exchange guarantee for the mattress buyers. Carefully choosing your own mattress should consider both comfort and affordability.