How To Pick The Right One Piece For You

The one-piece bathing suit never goes out of style. Yes, the two-piece is nice and the varying degrees of fashion forward concepts may catch one’s eye. But the one piece is an iconic look that can lend itself to almost any sunny occasion. The increase in popularity has come about because of its versatility. The little black one-piece is the new little black dress. The polka dot is retro chic. Flashbacks to Sophia Loren on a yacht in Madame Sans Gene, and Marylin Monroe in How To Marry A Millionaire creates a perfect nostalgic feel to them. Finding the right one piece may seem like a daunting task. There are so many different styles and new ones keep coming out every season. But have no fear! Here’s a quick guide on how to choose the right one for you.

Active And Sportswear

What you’re going to wear depends on the activity you’re planning on doing. Bathing suits for exercise are completely different in style and in fabric thickness than the one you’d take out to the beach. They’re generally called “practice suits.” They’re streamlined and meant for sleekness in the water to give you a competitive advantage on your lap time. The beach bathing suit, on the other hand, is a canvas for design and colors and all the frills you could ever want. Also, for surfing and watersports, the practice suit works with you as general activewear in the ocean. They hug your body a bit tighter and form fit when wet. There’s very little extra fabric because it can quickly turn into a liability along with some corals.

Beach And Pool Fun

If you’re looking for a one-piece for the pool or a day sunbathing at the beach, the world is your oyster. This is where you can pick and choose all the flattering designs you could ever want. We all know our bodies well enough to choose something that makes us look our absolute best. We can pick and choose which areas we want to be highlighted and which ones we want to be toned down. Depending on where we want our eyes to go, we can choose one piece swimwear with deep V necklines or horizontal patterns. Belts and other accessories are the perfect addition for a fashion forward one piece. And in the world of casual swimsuits, there are no solid rules. Have fun with it!

Casual Stylings

Beach culture has become a staple all over the world for everyday fashion. People promoting the island and coastal life have put their own spin on how to wear a swimsuit. Finding good solid colored one-pieces are perfect for frayed denim shorts and colorful flip flops. Pair it with your favorite sunglasses and you’re ready for the boardwalk. When pairing a swimsuit with other articles of clothing, bright patterns and complicated frills tend not to complement the look as a whole. Stick to a color you love and pair it with your favorite shorts.

One Piece swimsuits have a reputation for being second fiddle to their more revealing counterparts. But that perception is very rapidly changing. One-pieces can be sexy, fun, functional, and most of all, perfectly you.