How to pass the VMware 2v0-622 exam?

VMware 2v0-622 also known as certified professional 6.5 data center virtualization examination is a world-recognized highly sought after study, aimed at testing how conversant one is with virtual machines and recent technologies on virtualization platforms. This exam acts as a validation of one’s skills in installation, deploying and management of scalable VMware and VSphere 6.5 infrastructure. To have an easier time tackling this course, it is only wise for one to undertake the VCP 6.5 DVC certification course to be familiar with terminologies and infrastructure on the virtualization platform.

The exam majors on the rapidly growing virtual technology and develops one’s know-how on virtual machines and their operation. To attain optimum scores, it is crucial to have access to the best academic resources available in the market. These resources include; books, online tutorials, video tutorials and practice examinations. Due to this fact, taking advantage of educative materials and sources on various platforms is paramount as it supplies one with the required skills to attain a better score.

To ensure that you have a more leisurely time in getting the genuine information and tactics required to pass2v0-622 examination. Since this details are from professionals and beginners who tackled the course and attained after sitting or the exam, you are assured to get the desired results from this information. Without further ado, let’s get into how to pass the 2v0-622 examination.

Audience targeted by the examination

The course is designed for both VMware professionals and beginners looking to embark on a career in cloud computing and VSphere. Due to its real-world approach to various aspects of various cloud computing structures, previous hands-on experience on VMware infrastructure, you are assured a comfortable time preparing for the examination. This because the exam mostly tests the ability of one to develop, manage and troubleshoot various aspects of VSphere platform and configure security protocols.

Why is VMware 2V0-622 certification so popular?

With the sophistication of technology, cloud computing has proven to be among the most competitive ventures. As a result, the market has shown a need for IT managers, system administrators,and system engineers. To gain one of the above titles, a VMware 2v0-622 certification is the best way to go. This arms student with solid skills and arms individuals with adequate exposure to various components thus authenticating their credentials.

Video tutorial/training

Among the videos that a candidate is required to watch in preparation for the exam are:

  • VMware exam preparation sessions;
  • VMware basics;
  • Cloud computing fundamentals;
  • vSphere fundamentals.

Official reference books

Although there are numerous books and documents providing information on VMware virtualization, some of them may give misguided information.The books listed below are crafted by the professionals in the market and thus provide genuine, detailed information additionally, they contain updated information hence arming you with crucial details required for tackling the exam. However, it is advisable to compare several materials as they supply you with further information that one may have skipped and various elaborate concepts differently. Among the sources that have proved to be fruitful are:

  • Mastering VMware vSphere 6 – this is a fully-updated course book for VMware virtualization This book by NickMarshall gives one step-by-step guidance on installation, configuration, and configuration of various infrastructurein a virtual environment thus the secure operation of multiple aspects of the coursework. This book has been prepared by certified professionals with real-world experience on VMware services thus giving one a hands-on experience with various aspects of the platform.
  • vSphere 6 Foundations Exam Official Cert Guide – this is prepared by Bill Ferguson, a professional in VSphere and VMware and aims at developing a candidate for the 2v0-622 examination. This uses proven series elements and skills and tests the candidates understanding of the detailed acquired in various classes.
  • Mastering VMware vSphere 6.5- this is the most recent book from Andrea Mauro, Paolo Valsecchi, and Karel Novak. This dwells on current technologies in design and deployment of VMware and vSphere services to various organizations. Published in 2017, this book entails the latest knowledge hence supplies relevant information.

Practice tests

Apart from relying on questions supplied during class time, getting more details on other platforms is quite beneficial. Among the sites where you can get practice tests are, VMware site,VMware market place and VMware exam preparation market. However, one is advised to get questions from additional locationsto have in-depth coverage of various skills that can be featured in the exam.

VMware 2v0-622 exam pass tips

Among the most fruitful techniques to successfully tackle the 2v0-622 exam are;

  • Downloading sample questions from various sources to have an idea of what you expect in the final examination.
  • Setting targets on topics you wish to cover on a daily basis thus allocating adequate time for reading for each subject.
  • Access to a virtual or real-world lab thus practicing various areas covered in the class work. This makes you proficient inmultiple operations hence arming you with skills required to include case study questions successfully.
  • Avoid procrastinating as it may lead to sitting for the exam with inadequate preparation.

VMware 2V0-622 exam dumps

Although there are various tools that one can use to prepare for this certification, VMware Certification VCP6.5-DCV 2V0-622 Dumps have proven to be the most fruitful. However, when choosing a dump, ensure that it entails the updated syllabus thus gaining the most recent knowledge that has a likelihood of appearing in your examination. Dumps are structured in a manner that enables the candidate to see how exam questions are set and the approach that a candidate should use to answer questions. As a result, you get to answer questions appropriately thus scoring better marks in the examination.


To fully master VMware and vSphere the tools mentioned above are paramount to have under one’s possession. The devices will impart a candidate with crucial information hence making them professionals in various related fields. For better mastery, a candidate is advised to view multiple study material thus having a better grasp of critical details included in the topic.

All the best! Wishing you best of luck in your VMware 2v0-622 exam and hope you have an excellent time preparing for your examination.