High or Low? Testosterone Level in Women

In the era of fitness and obsession with body improvement, the question about testosterone levels in women appears more often. Basically, there is a popular myth about the horrors of testosterone and its influence on the female body. it is commonly believed that high levels of the hormone cause muscles, mustache and low voice, while low testosterone levels produce the so-called femininity, with small and tender body, high voice and baby face. The truth about testosterone is not even in the middle between the two opinions, but actually beyond this myth, because hormones do not influence the body in such a straightforward way.

The first thing that should be taken into consideration is that female T levels are very individual and peculiar for each woman. They vary with age, diet, physical training, inherited predisposition, and so on. In fact, many women with comparatively high testosterone are slim and slender, because this hormone stimulates fat burning in the body, very energetic, and open to friendly communication. On the other hand, many women with low testosterone suffer from overweight, are often passive and depressive.

High T Level

It is almost impossible to estimate the level of testosterone at a guess, just by looking at a person and observing how the person acts. Endocrine profile can be estimated only after a comprehensive test, and moreover, the test should be conducted under specific conditions, like no alcohol and no physical training before the test, etc.

It is also impossible to claim that high or low levels of testosterone are or will be harmful for each particular woman in general. High T level may be high compared to the general indicators, but it may turn out absolutely natural for a particular case. Overall, women with high T level are physically, sexually and intellectually active, usually pursue a career and have hobbies, and are able to balance family and job in a miraculous ways. On the other hand, too high T level may cause endocrine disbalance, cause acne, hair loss on the head and hair growth on the face and body, infertility, and mental disbalance like irritancy, aggression, attention deficiency, and so on. If such problems appear, it is necessary to consult a doctor, and perhaps have treatment.

Low T Level

Whatever the popular legend claims, women who has lower T level are not more “feminine”, or in any other ways more attractive than other women. In general, however, it should be admitted that women with lower levels of testosterone have healthier skin and hair, are more emotionally stable, and in general experience less problems with pregnancy and delivery, mostly due to higher percent of fat in the body, since fat accumulates female hormones. Too low levels of testosterone, in their turn, slow down the metabolism, cause depression and lack of energy, and one of the most noticeable problems that appear on the basis of low testosterone is absence of sexual desire. In these cases, immediate consultation and treatment are necessary.

Final Thoughts

Women should remember that the level of testosterone itself does not indicate good or bad health, and that something is “wrong” with them. The main indicator is whether the body functions well, and whether the endocrine profile causes any obvious health issues.