Grab the Popcorn: The Best Movie Franchises to Binge Watch Together this Winter

Brace yourselves: winter is coming. Unlike Ned Stark, though, who sought to remind the world of a threat from beyond the Wall, we can embrace the cold weather and the long nights spent inside, and use the time to bond and do things together. And what better activity for a lazy afternoon than binge-watching a whole series of movies. So, grab the popcorn, find a cosy sofa to huddle together on, and dive into these movie franchises that might last you over a whole weekend.


Michael Myers is perhaps the most iconic movie serial killer of all time. And he has the movie franchise to show: the series that turns 40 years old in 2018 consists of 10 movies so far, with a remake/reboot coming to theatres next year. If you want a bit of solo fun with the killer, you can also try the slot machine based on the series already. The Halloween® online slot is coming to All Slots casino this October!

For those in love with thrills, Halloween is the perfect series to kill (no pun intended) a whole weekend spent inside.

Star Wars

Bit of a geek? Why not spend a weekend with a Star Wars marathon in preparation for this December’s “The Last Jedi”? Just make sure to see the movies in order – first, the prequels, followed by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and the “original” trilogy. Then you can move on to “The Force Awakens”.

Even though the movies were released completely out of order, they are still one of the most iconic series ever, and not even the repeated re-releases with tweaks, added scenes, and remodelled Darth Vader can spoil them.

Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy

Simon Pegg and Edward Wright make a perfect writer/director couple. They are responsible for three of the most amazing comedies ever released, combining visuals, sounds, lighting, music, and punchlines in a unique and entertaining way. There are currently three movies in the “trilogy”, completely unrelated aside from the use of the same actors as the main characters (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost), and that Cornetto ice cream (a hangover cure slash comfort food) appearing in throwaway scenes in each.

While these movies aren’t long enough to last you through a whole weekend, they are the perfect way to spend time together when the weather is dreadful outside. And they have totally different styles, too: Shaun of the Dead is a zombie-ridden horror comedy, Hot Fuzz is a police buddy comedy with a friendly neighbourhood watch turning out to be a murderous secret society, while The World’s End is a tale of six friends going on an epic pub crawl that turns into a fight for humanity’s future against a bunch of space aliens.