50 Ways To Flirt With The Guy You Are In Love With

Flirting is not an easy job. Within a second, there are chances of getting someone closer and on the other facing an awful situation. Fortunately, there are 50 certain ways to flirting that will impress the guy you like. Check them out and you never know they might help you somewhere.

flirt with guy

1. Give a smile
Smiling face can impress anyone. So, wherever you see your crush pass him a smile. It will attract him towards you. It will help you to connect with your loved one.

2. Start your chat with a specific reason
Before talking to him, first find a reason what to ask him. Ask him about his studies and therefore connect with him. Through that you can get chance to know about him and his feelings towards you.

3 Dressing sense
We all have heard this, “First Impression is the last impression”. You should be very choosy to dress yourself in front of the one whom you love. If he admires you at first date then you have cleared your first test.

4. Flying kisses
Make him feel that you like him by little-little efforts. Try to make him understand that you like him. Express yourself with facial emotion as well as from your body language. So that he will be convinced about your feelings.

5. Eye contact
Words are not enough but eyes says it all. For expressing your emotion to your love eyes are the powerful weapon. Eyes don’t need to think they just pour all the feelings. So try to avoid unwanted talks and just speak through your eyes.

6. Playing with your hair
Talking with them try to involve them in you. For that you can run your finger through your hair which looks really sexy. It helps you to grab their attention and make them focus on you. And you know what guys just love it.

7. Be comfortable
He can feel if you are okay with him or not. So, you have to be chilled out. You can have a talk about your common subject or talk about recent movies or anything else. Don’t make him feel like you are bored with his talk or like that.

8. Be involved
If you are interested in that person then make him feel that you want them. As he comes across you pass him a smile or say him a hello. Try to spend quality time with him with that he will get to know you better.

9. Challenge them to do something for you
Boys like challenges and accept as they don’t like to be a failure. It will prove how important you are in their life. This will also confirm he loves you or not.

10. Knowing each other completely
When you are in love, you love everything about that person. But for that you have to know him and his interest. After that you can add his interest in your life and can understand him better. With that your bond will get stronger and make a way to his heart.

11. Compliment them
Everybody loves when someone admires them. When a girl, praises a guy then he will be on cloud nine. He might not show but he can sometimes become shy. He won’t show his gratitude and thus will be impressed.

12. Tell them, “This color looks good on you”.
Guys feel good when he realizes that someone is noticing him. He finds himself closer to her. He will then get hold on you. He will suddenly be attentive towards your each move.

13. Fighting without reason
Fighting is the best way to get closer. We fight with those who are close to us. During a fight, you get irritated and utter all your hidden feelings and open yourself to whom you are fighting.

14. Make him feel annoying
Tease the guy with another girl. With his reaction you will know whether the guy likes you or not. It will give you the answer about his feelings for you. It will be cleared he wants you in his life or not.

15. Poke him
A girl often becomes childish with those she is comfortable with. She sometimes push the guy, throws papers on him, poke him with her nails. She shows her liking and it depends on the guy whether he has understood what she is trying to do.

16 Be Positive in all situation.
Positivity is cure of all problems. If you are positive then no matter how the situation is you will find the way to deal with it. And this will give strength to your partner as well. And if you became weak then who will support your partner. So be a motivator and make him believe in himself.

17. Be mysterious
Being mysterious is good when you are in love. When you are an open book to your partner than your relationship can be boring. So, try to create mystery in your partner’s mind. Then he gets curious to know more about you.

18 Surprise him
It’s natural to love surprises. Arranging something unusual for someone is quite romantic. Through this he will get to know her partner’s love for him. It will make him feel exceptional.

19. Winking
Wink is a cute way to express your love. You don’t easily wink to anybody unless you get attracted towards them. While talking to him whenever you have an eye-contact with him just wink once. It really works.

20. Say him, its hot weather or his presence
If you wants to make your love blush try this. This will make him red and will be like what to say. He will be bold in the first ball.

21. Blush
You automatically blush whenever you see him. If he sees you blushing that will surely hint him about your feelings.

22. Flirt with your eyebrows
Eyebrows can create a magic. When you are with your partner, nothing is there to speak. Just use your eyebrows to create the moment romantic.

23. Sending him messages
Wishing him at early morning and before sleeping will make him feel special. Message will make him realize that he is on your mind all day. Then, he will feel having you in his life is something like a fairy tale.

24. Call him without reason.
When you are in love you don’t need reason to talk to him. And when you start talking, new things comes in mind. Sometimes silence speaks more than the words.

25. Always be ready to cheer him up
His mood affects yours so make-up his mood in any situation. Give him reasons to be happy and do stupid things which can make him happy.

26. Hold him before he fall
Make him feel you are with him. Try to build strong connection with him. When you are with him hold him tightly so he has no fear of falling apart.

27 Cooking for your love
As we all know, men’s way to heart starts with their stomach. If you are a good cook then half your work is done. By preparing his favorite dish you will add an extra point in his love challenge.

28. Dedicate a performance
When you dedicating something to your love he feels like he is honored. It may be anything a dance or a song; you asserted his name that’s enough for him. He doesn’t expect anything it’s just your love which will be sufficient.

29. Spending time with him.
As much you will spend time with your partner you will know him better. You will know about his favorites (food, place and so on) and by the time you will also get to know what he thinks of you.

30. Express yourself
Try to make him realize what you feel. Don’t just wait for his response instead just speak up. Make him understand that you love him otherwise it will be too late to say anything.

31. Take time
Nobody prefers anything that can be easily caught and so are the men’s. They don’t like those girls who easily fall for him. Take a quality time till he gets addicted to you.

32. Share your future plans
Sharing your plans makes him understand that you are thinking future with him. So that he could project his life according to both of you. It will make him think his future with you.

33. Posting pictures with him.
Posting a picture with the love of your life feels great. But for the guy, it makes him go crazy. He will feel how special he is in her life. In return, he might accept your love.

34. Notice his body language
Try to see how they present themselves while talking to you. Some boys have the habit of talking chewing their nails, folding their hands and so on. Observing little things can be very useful in any relationship.

35 Ask him what he’s doing in this weekend.
Knowing about his plan can help you to get him closer. When you know that he already has a plan than try to get involved. If not then, arrange something unusual with him.

36. Invite him in a family function
Make him feel as a family member. So that he will be familiar with your family and your friends. He will get to know about your upbringing and the environment you are born in.

37 Ask him suggestion
It may be about studies or anything else, try to involve in his matter. Whenever you get a chance realize his importance in your life. You should engage him in your queries and one day he will definitely fall for you.

38. Advice him for movies
Sometimes when you have watched a movie and was a good one. Then tell him to go for that movie as you liked it. He would surely appreciate your idea.

39. Teach him something you are expert in
You should reveal your qualities in front of your partner. He should know what are you good at and can learn that from you. It will grow your bond stronger.

40. Wishing him on his special occasions.
We all want someone special to wish us at first. On birthday, when you wish him at 12 he will love it. At his important meeting when he get tensed then wish him good luck. It motivates him and increases his confidence.

41. Pretending to be scared and making him to drop you home
It’s a nice way to get closer to someone you love. That moment, he will try to make you comfortable and that will make you feel good. With that, you will get a chance to be with him.

42 Try to be there when they need you
Being with him in his happy days is not counted. But when you are a part of him in his bad days they are always cherished. You have to be his backbone. Make him believe that you are there forever.

43 Go with the flow
If your partner talks slowly then try to slow down and if it is faster than make it fast. You should try to think about the person you are with so that you can expect the same.

44. Don’t expect
Try to give 100 percent of yourself and don’t think the same from the person you are with. Because physical wounds don’t hurt as the expectation hurts.

45. Sometimes try to go away from him.
Sometimes distance is good in a relationship. Try to give attention to someone else which will make your partner feel jealous. And it’s good for your relationship.

46. Don’t distract him while he is talking
When he is sharing something with you try to listen to him although you are not interested. Don’t interrupt him in between.

47. Add his friends in your list
He is a special person in your life so are his friends. Try to interact with his friends and hangout with them to know him more.

48. Try to figure out your problems
If you have a fight or any misunderstanding try to clear it out as soon as possible. It will lead your relationship to next level.

49. Project yourself as you are
When we are in love, we try to portray ourselves as our partner wants. But that’s wrong. It may continue for a month but afterwards you have to loose your love.

50. Don’t go loud
While having a talk with him, be what you are. Don’t talk in a loud manner. It makes a guy next to you annoying.