Don’t Miss Out on These 4 Great Streaming TV Apps

Let’s face it, streaming TV is revolutionizing the way we consume media content, as each day more and more people decide to say goodbye to the cord by replacing their entertainment options with streaming devices that are more efficient, user-friendly and way less expensive than a cable TV service.

However, when it comes to streaming services, there is a plethora of options with a wide variety of content, set of features, and price ranges. As a consequence of this, sometimes having to decide which one is best for you can get tiring and overwhelming since you have to go through all the options and make endless comparisons between them. Hence our decision to get our hands dirty on your behalf and tell you about these 4 great streaming apps that you definitely won’t regret if giving them a try.


Kodi is an open source platform that, even though it has stirred some controversies in the past, is completely free and remains one of the leading open source services allowing you to visualize all kinds of content from any device.

This outstanding addon feature lets you add an extension that allows you to stream content from any platform. However, because of the availability of internet from every corner of the world, in order to display the content, a VPN is important. A VPN will help with protection while navigating, but  more of that can be learnt here.


Pluto is also free and the best thing is that it offers a variety that consists of 100 channels, as well as thousands of movies and TV shows, making it one of the most varied and complete streaming options out there that costs absolutely nothing.

Another advantage is that you don’t need complex software to get Pluto running, a conventional web browser would do just fine.


This platform is Sony’s bet on free streaming services and it doesn’t fail to deliver at all. The reason why its free is because it is totally ad supported. So if you are living on a tight budget, and you currently don’t have enough cash flow to pay for streaming services with more exclusive content, this is the best option for you.


Hulu is one of a kind. This live TV streaming platform has been charging since it first started, and it is one of the few streaming services that has been able to have a strong position in the market while being beta. The reason being, because the platform is very well designed.

Hulu also offers a DVR feature for an extra fee of $14.99 which allows you to record your favorite TV shows. It is also compatible with a vast majority of streaming devices.

Cost Precautions

To conclude, beware of the hidden costs though. As is true, most of these services offer a free membership, however you may have to buy a few extra devices, like a digital box or a streaming stick, in order to be able to access the platforms.


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