An Expert’s Guide To Scissors

As far as we all know, scissors are pretty one dimensional. Sure, they come in different sizes, but that’s all there is to it, right? Wrong! There is a whole world of scissors out there, all sorts and kinds that are made for specific purposes. From cutting fabric to cutting hair, they all differ in details and they way they are made, designed in a way that suits the medium that will be cut. So how can you become an expert in all things scissor related? Read on to become a real expert in scissors.

Sewing Scissors

When sewing and creating something out of fabric, certain kinds of scissors need to be used on different kinds of fabrics in order to get the cut right.

Tailor’s Scissors: These scissors are short and thick so that they can cut through heavier fabrics flawlessly and get a fine cut on the fabric, as well as conveniently fit into any size of sewing bag so that you’re ready to snip on the go.

Dressmaker’s Shears: These are a larger pair of scissors, but definitely get the job done. With their blades, they’re unique in the sense that one blade is pointed while the other is round and blunt. The reason for this is so that the fabric doesn’t get caught in the scissors and get ruined. They’re extremely convenient for the lighter fabrics, and even work if you’d like to get through a couple at a time.

Pinking Shears: These zigzag scissors are designed in a way that allows them to cut the fabric with a zigzag manner. The reason for this is that with some of the fabrics that are more prone to unraveling, this cut helps in keeping it together- this mainly applies to super delicate fabrics.

Arts & Crafts

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get creative and create works of art using your own two hands, then having a variety of scissors is a must.

Fringe Scissors: These scissors are designed in a way that allows you to make a fringe on your paper or card. Instead of painfully cutting one slit at a time, struggling to make sure that the distance and thickness is even, these scissors save you the trouble by doing so in one go!

Decorative Edge Scissors: These are fun scissors that are shaped in all kinds of ways, such as zig zag and wavy so that when you cut, you immediately have a fun border to work with.

Non-Stick Scissors: These scissors are super convenient when you are cutting through sticky surfaces such as tape, making the experience a whole lot smoother so that you can get the precise cut and shape you like.

There’s more!

There are a couple of professions that take on scissors and have specific types that they work with as well.

Hairdressing Scissors: Hairdressers need to have different shears of varying lengths in order to give precise and perfect haircuts to their customers. They also work with shears that are serrated and there are even scissors that are especially made for left handed people. There are a wide variety of hairdressing scissors of the best quality made by Jaguar scissors and they don’t fall short in giving you every kind of scissor under the sun that you might need in order to give the best haircut ever.


Embroidery Scissors: if you’re into embroidery then you’ll know that embroidery scissors are super small and delicate in order to make the small and precise cuts necessary

For each trade, their shears!

Every purpose has its specific pair of scissors to go with it, and for good reason too. It depends on the material that you are cutting- and for how long, or what kind of shape you’d like to give it. So before you use a standard pair of scissors on any given task, make sure that you check to see if there are a pair made just for that job.