9 Breathtaking Restaurants to Add to your Travelling List

It is difficult to surprise people with tasty food nowadays. Enjoy the high-class cooking up in the air, enjoy the deep taste down under the water, enjoy the natural food up on the tree, and enjoy the perfect service provided by robots with the following restaurant list.


Italy, Bari, Polignano a Mare

The architect was the sea… people just had to create a comfortable space in a natural grotto with a large semi-circular hall inside. Just imagine, people have been arranging dinner parties there for more than three centuries. Nowadays, the owners claim they have the stunning scenery of rocks and caves, overlooking the sea. And you know what, the scenery is really stunning.

Dinner in the Sky

Belgium, Brussels

It’s dinner time. 22 guests enter the restaurant and sit in high-backed chairs at tables set around a makeshift kitchen. All the stuff is located on a platform and guests have their meals under the shed. They wear seat belts. Then, a huge crane lifts the platform-restaurant at a height of 164 foot, where guests are having their dinner. The main benefits are good wine, “star” chefs, and beautiful views of the Old Brussels.

The Rock Restaurant

Tanzania, Zanzibar, Michamvi

The little house on the rock in the middle of the Indian Ocean used to be a simple fishing point. Now, it is a seafood restaurant. It is not easy to get there, although the route is really pleasant and interesting. During the full tide, you need to take a bout to get there, when the tide is low,you may go on foot.

Hajime Robot Restaurant

Thailand, Bangkok

The Japanese restaurant with a wide range of sushi and tempura attracts its visitors not with the assortment, but with innovations. Two robot-waiters is the main proud of the restaurant. Authentic Japanese samurai serve food, sing and dance every half an hour.

Le Panoramic

France, Chamonix

The ropeway is the only available way to get to the top of the Brévent Mountain, where you can enjoy Savoyard cuisine meals at a height of 8,284foot, and its breathtaking scenery. The restaurant offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Alps.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Maldives Rangali

Imagine a dinner under the water, at a depth of 16foot,overlooking the corals, sharks, jellyfishes, stingrays and other inhabitants of the Indian Ocean! A transparent acrylic dome makes it possible for visitors to see the view at 180 degrees. If you think that such a dinner is not safe, consider the fact that the restaurant survived the tsunami in 2004.

Redwoods Tree house

New Zealand, Warkworth

The restaurant looks like a huge cocoon hanging on sequoia tree at the height of 32foot. The cocoon is made of pine and poplar arcs. There is an oval hall for 30 guests in the cocoon.

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