50 Flattering hairstyles for Long Faces…

A cute haircut on a wrong face can spoil your personality. Sometimes, in a hurry you have your haircut and afterwards you realize your mistake. If you want, this mistake remains your last one then, here is some beautiful hairstyles which looks perfect on long faces.

1.Braid over the shoulders

braided hairstyle for long faces

Braids can do justice in changing the focus away from an oblong face shape while creating a quirky look. You can have multiple choices with this hair do either you can braid all the hair along the hairline, or match your braid with a long side bang which will enhance your look.

  1. Ballerina Bun

high bun messy hairstyle

If you have a long forehead you can hide it with your hair or can show it. This type of style is easy to have and look classy. When you are being late for an event or anything else just make a bun and you are ready.

3. Long Textured Waves

long curly hairstyle for a long face

Have long hairs? Then, go with this hairstyle. For this you just need to have hair sprays and iron. Dip your towel in your hair products and use your iron. With that you are up with your beautiful curls away from your face.

3.Twisted Ponytail

chic ponytail hairstyle for an oblong face

For this hairstyle, medium length hair goes very well. This twisted ponytail seems to be easy but can create wonders.

5.Braid with Tousled Waves

medium wavy hairstyle with a braid

Are you tired of your iron and still wanted to be styled in tousled waves. Then watch this, its best for you. You can tie them up at overnight and when you gear to get ready then untie them with hair cream. Let me tell you don’t waste your time in arranging your curls. Curl looks gorgeous anyways. So, chill.

6.High Bun

cute bun hairstyle

It takes no time to make a bun. With adding extra volume you can wrap your hair with a band. If you have more time then you can also back comb it one tress to the other.

7.Luscious curls

grey hairstyle with a braid and fringe

This hairstyle gives you feel of a waterfall with a chic curl and highlighted strands. The style adds confident in your personality too. Hey, hurry up it’s in fashion come on and rock it.

8.Romantic Curls with French Braid

curly half up hairstyle for a long face

Want to have such a hairstyle with easy and put together. But let me tell you it’s not that simple as you are thinking. First you need to arrange braid with adding volume to your strands. With iron start curling on lower part of your hair. Your braid should be little loose and give a finishing touch with your hair cream so that it appear beautiful.

9.Updo with Side Curl Pony

side curly pony hairstyle

Hey, looking for a hairstyle which goes along with any of your outfit. Then your search is complete. This hairstyle looks elegant and easy to have. Style your curl with your iron and brush them on one side. After that, twist those knots in the root and set them with your pins.

10.Long Wavy

long curly half up hairstyle for long faces

Long hair and long face does create magic. With long hairs you can have curls its gives you a correct outline. By using iron you can create long-long waves which will not only look beautiful but also enhance your face structure.

11. Curly Down do with Soft Layerslong side curly hairstyle

Tired of same hairstyle, and then try this one. It’s something different and awesome to have. In one side, pull your hair and twist your tresses. You can place them with bobby pins. Now you can control yourself to look at the mirror again and again.

12.Updo with a Blunt

top knot with straight bangs

Is long forehead creating problem for you? Don’t worry there is a simple solution for you. You can just straighten up blunts and place them on your forehead. And, strap all your hair in a bun as you want.

13.Long Curly Side Ponytail

side curly hairstyle for long hair

Curls goes with any face cut and suits on everyone. So why don’t you do that. With that make a side ponytail. This style can be used in casuals and in all seasons.

14.Raven Waves with Side Bangs

long wavy half up hairstyle with side bangs

To open up your face, you can try long curly locks. Sometimes it may be problematic as long hair makes your face look longer. Get a half hair plucked and flaunt your locks. There will be no one, who cannot stand there without giving you a compliment

15.Simple Braid with a Fringe

simple side braid hairstyle

Need a good hairstyle but busy with your work? Then just try this style which is simple and classy. Braid your longer hair to one point and balance the other with swept bangs. You can also highlight them having messy ends.

16.Glamour Look

side curly downdo

It’s a blend of old and new fashion in one style. This style not only frames your face but also allow you to look classy. For this look, you can have any type of hair and then you have to soak your hair in water and add hair cream on it. Curl them and make them fall on one side. At the end, you can also straighten up for front strands. With this you will simply appear out of the world.

17.Extra-Long Layered Curls

cute curly layered hairstyle

We mostly love to have long layer hair. It’s somehow hard to keep long hair but you look damn beautiful too. And when you add curls it creates wonder and mesmerizes your appearance.

18.Cascading Layers

long layered haircut for oblong faces

Cascading cut is for those who want to hide their long faces. To add more elements, you can color them on its tips. If you have long and thick hair then it will go with you. With long hair you can grab this style and look glamorous.

19.Asymmetric Bob

bob hairstyle for long faces

With short hair cut you can give a structure to your face. This style, chic bob will make you look and feel confident. It add charm to you look as well as our personality.

20.Sexy Foxy

long red hairstyle for oblong shape of face

Covering your forehead, the layers falling through your tips are adding a glam to your look. This seems easy to have and is wonderfully set.

21.Medium to Long

side wavy downdo for long face

For long faces, this style can do a great job. You can side sweep the layers and can add a little volume on its extent. It will present you perfectly.

22.Messy Fishtail

messy fishtail hairstyle for long face shape

Fishtail can be a good choice for long faces. You can have them at any event as well as in casual days. Messy hairstyle through your cheeks outlines shape of your face. So don’t hesitate and try this style. You will surely like it.

23.Super Sassy Lob

It’s quite perfect for long faces with grace. Adding the volume to hair not only compliments your style but strengthen your look. And your colored texture work as a blend of sugar and milk.

24.Jaw Skimming Bob

Jaw skimming bob suits only on long faces. The layers and the colored texture add charm to your face. It helps you to shorten your long shaped structure and balance your look.

25.Flipped out layers

You can have this style if you have a long face. With a highlighted bob you can grab attention of all. The style minimizes the outline of your face and helps your shape to picture correctly.

26.Sleek short

Parting it from the bottom you can grab this hairstyle. For this style, you have to smooth and silky your hair on its top strands and the fuller cut in the middle part. All in all it will enhance your face structure.

27.Blunt bangs

This style is mostly for long-shaped faces. The blunt bangs with colored textures on side tresses give you an authentic appearance. The color blend presents you more impressively.

 28. Short hairstyle

A short hair with soft layers and heavy texture puts volume and stiffness in your look. With this you can uplift your appearance and gives your long face an sophisticated outline.

29. Short hairstyle with Textures

Use colors carefully otherwise it can create damage to your hair and looks too. Try to blend colors that balance one another and can create fantasy when others see you. The fringe swept on one side will reduce your face and you look graceful.

30.Soft, Gentle Wisps

Long swept edges add width and create a much rounder outline to your face. And the rich copper color is so in fashion and charms you with a great look. So what are you waiting for, go for it.

31.Thick rounded fringe

Hair on to your shoulder gives you an appealing look. It not only beautifies your face but your overall style too. Side waves and those thick strands are perfect on long faces. It makes your shape more attractive.

32.Ultra Edgy

This cut takes you to another level with touch of different textures. This style not only suits on long faces but also gives them an unbelievable gaze. Mostly when light colors are inserted it adds volume and shapes your face in a correct way.

33.Super Shiny Bob

This style will cover your face structure. The hair on top must be smooth enough and maintain your face composition. Super shiny bob not only enables you a great look but make you feel wow.

34.Highly glamorous

Falling hairs on your hairs and those sweeping edges gives this style a wonderful appeal. It smartens your personality and gives a perfect shape to your face. To hold this look you just have to be confident, when you have it no one can stop you.

35.Long Hair


Sometimes long hair doesn’t go along with long faces but some style can do magic. This one is one of them. But by adding curls and waves you can flatter your appearance and can reduce the length of your face.

36.Long Fringe


Long and thick tresses cover the upper head and help you to shape your face. Big curls around your face go best when you are going for wedding or at an event. With this hairstyle, you can have anything like dress or any outfits.

37.Sleek shoulder length bob


Sleek shoulder bob not only gives you a correct shape but hides your long face. The long strand on your forehead gives your face an oval shape. It looks amazing on long faces.

38.Ultra straight hair


If we first think of having this hairstyle for long face then it’s a no-no. But this tricky style compliments your shape as well as your face. It gives you a classy look.



It’s meant to be for long shaped faces. This style has texture, curls for the short hair. The curl captures all attention from your face and adds a glamorous look in you.

  1. Eye Grazing Bangs

Eye Grazing Bangs Hairstyles For Long Faces

Bangs falling towards your forehead gives you an appealing outlook. It also presents your face with a correct shape. By adding volume to long layers your hair looks lovely. So girls have a look.

41.Classic long layered

Timeless Long Layered Brunette Hairstyle For Long Faces

This side swept hairstyle generates volume to the hairstyle and draws attentions towards your cheeks. And this style gives you a round face with a charm added to your outlook.

42.Side Bangs

Medium Blonde Layered Style - Lots of Movement and Long Bangs

The hairstyle is for them you want to look sizzling without giving up their hair length.Add lots of volume to your side bangs and the styling will provide you a perfect appearance.

43.Modern twist

Modern Glamour Hollywood Hairstyle For Long Faces

It’s somewhat an old hairstyle with a modern twist. You can have this hairstyle whenever you want. In party or any event, you simply have it using your iron. So, gear up for this styling.

44.Prim and Proper

Short Blonde Layered Style with Lots of Volume

Want to have short hair but have great looks. Then, this hairstyle is perfect for you. With the growing of short hair you can bounce them and create an appealing glance.

45.Perfect Pixie

Perfect Pixie Fun Piecey Brunette Long Face Style

Long face girls or women should have short hair then the longer one. Short hair corrects their outlook and enhances their structure. And those hairs falling on to your forehead highlights your cheek instead of your long face.

46.Sleek Bob

Long Face Hairstyle Straight Bob Casual Brunette

One of most lovely haircut for long face is this one. This style not only structures your face size but grabs attention of all. The strands through your face look damn flattering.

47.Sassy Shag

Short Sassy Shag Hairstyle For Long Faces

With side swept edges, you can create wonders in your appearance. This hairstyle outlines the face portraying attention to your eyes. Make this style yours.

48.The Poof

The Poof Fun Full Long Face Style with Curls

More than on casuals, this style does work on parties or any special occasions. The styling adds an outlook and gives you the perfect structure. It looks fab on long faces.

49.Beachy Bob

Beachy Bob Light Blonde Layered Look For Long Faces

Are you working at office but needs a styling? Then you can opt for this hairstyle. It’s easy and you don’t need to waste time on it. Just curl it by your iron and you are done.

50.Curl Envy

Curl Envy Fun Full Style with Natural Texture

Curls are always in fashion. You don’t need to think much before you do it. It not only gives you a nice outlook but makes your presence lovely. So try it this curls are inn.