45 Ways to Add Fun to Your Life…

When you realize that your life is suddenly becoming boring then what do you do? You simply try to find something that can make your life thrilling. For that you have to change yourself as well as your way of living. Here are some 45 ways to make your life more exciting. Just have a look on them  and try to apply it in your boring life. You never know, how and when your life got changed.

1.Give some space

It’s not that easy to include excitement in your life when you are busy with other stuffs. So, try to escape the unwanted task from your life and add some fun and enjoy yourself. We get bored doing same thing. Thus, to take break make a room for you.

2. Clear the mess

Try to clear out the unnecessary things in your life. So that it would be easy to add a fun element. You h ave to place that task in their place. Thus, you can enjoy yourself.

3. Laugh out loud

Laughter therapy can do wonders in anyone’s life. You can read funny comic or newspaper’s cartoon to have a laugh. its up to you, what you prefer. Or else, you can watch silly videos on YouTube. It will make your day fascinating.

4.Change your daily routine

To change yourself, you need to change some basic habits. Like your wake-up time and other habits. Try to drive yourself in a different direction than before. It will give you a new feel and with that your step towards fun begins.

5.Be a host

Try to involve yourself with your friends and amuse them. Take pleasure of inviting them for dinner or lunch. Make them feel comfortable through which you too will give yourself a chance to enjoy.

6.Decorate your room

For a change you can place your things in a different position. You will get a new look and your perspective.With certain change, the environment around you will appear different so will be your life.

7. Dance like no one is watching

Try to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Tune your favorite no and start. You might first think this funny but when you will do it you will be happy at the end. You will enjoy what you are doing, I swear just think about it once.

8. Sing in shower

Some of you may usually do this, if not then try it. You will feel better and calm yourself with singing in shower . It will draw your mind and gives you an instant relaxation.It will also gives your day a fresh start. Give it try, atleast once.

9.Get a new style

With a new hairstyle and a new look, you can have different fun. New style presents you in a new way. It will make you happy and that happiness will be a part of your exciting life.

10. Be a cheer leader

You can go for a match or a tournament. There you can cheer the player and encourage them for their game. It can be tennis or badminton, no matter.With their enthusiasm you can find your own.

11.  Go out of your comfort zone

Have you ever been at night club or pub? If no, then try once. You will meet different people with unusual environment. Otherwise, you can dance in your house with loud music. It will mesmerize your mood.

12. Adventurous rides

Go for those rides which you think are scary. It will not only boost your confidence but also increase fun in your life. Trying something new is always a pleasure.

13. Do something stupid

Wherever you are, dont think what people will say. Just go with your heart. Laugh whenever you like. Eat whatever you want to and do what you want to. Don’t skip anything because of the so-called people.

14. Learn new-new things

New things provide you an enjoyment. With certain new activities like reading you will get to know more and your mind will be more open. You will get a new achievement in your small life.

15. Take a walk

You can’t bore yourself sitting at your house. Instead you can walk for miles with your friend. You can enjoy concerts or programs in between.

16. Travel

Travelling allows you to know more about people and the places. You can also have knowledge about the specialty of the place. You can suggest your friends or your family members about that.

17. Secret date

Give a surprise to your loved one with a romantic candle dinner. For more, you can also present him a gift to make him happy. If he is happy then you will be happier too.

18. Cook something unusual

Try to make something that you have never had something that all loves . It will be an innovation as well a new thing to learn. You can have great fun doing it and when you are ready to eat you can’t stop yourself.

19. Challenge yourself

Do something you cant even imagine.Try to make yourself strong enough to do anything and at anytime.Believe in yourself .Otherwise you can’t compete anyone with others. Sometimes, certain changes in life can be helpful for our future.

20. Join laughter club

Joining a laughter club, you can overcome your stress.. At the same time, you will not find reason to laugh. With that your attitude towards your life will change . You will feel positive in every way.

21. Have a pet

Pet can sometimes be more humble than human. So, adopting a pet you can have new friend. It will bring excitement and a responsibility in your life.Pet will give a good company too.

22 Embrace your curiosity

Always be eager to know about anything or anyone. If possible, try to raise question about someone’s past life or experience.Learning about their life you can discover something fascinating about them.

23.Live every moment

Moments once are gone cant come back. So, enjoy every bit of life or else you will just have to regret. Don’t think of tomorrow live in your present and be happy. They can make life worth living and give your days joy.

24. Find someone interesting

Have a look around you. You can get those people whose life seems exciting. Get to know them as their excitement can become yours. Your life will be full of fun. Try to seek exciting things which can provide you a glimpse of happiness.

25. Treat yourself

All you need is to take care of yourself in order to enjoy.If you are not fit then how can you make yourself happy. So, pamper yourself with tasty dishes and so on. Try this.

26. Write a diary

You might feel like its silly. But writing helps you to flow your feelings. It will make your thoughts in it will cherish your mood. Not only this, it will be a memory of your beautiful past which you can remember till future.

27. Explore your past memories

For a minute, sit and think about your past events and the days where you enjoy single bit of life.You will not only be happy but also find the key of your happiness. It may be the place or your old friend. You can just go there and enjoy.

28. Start a blog and share your passion

You know it “sharing is caring”. So, share your thoughts and ideas to others. You never know it may help others i their life. With that you can help yourself to gain more knowledge at the same time it can benefit others too.

29 Change your taste

Aren’t you bored eating same time again and again? If yes, then change it. IT will refresh you and your mood as well. New taste will give you a new beginning. It doesn’t mean you have to leave the food you used to have but add a different taste.

30. Re-unite with old friends

Old people and their memories can never be fade. Meeting them after years and years gives you a different joy. You get so happy to see them. Talking about those past days gives you a energy.

31. Make some new hobby

Sticking with same hobby is not a good idea. Try something that motivates you. Like, you can start doing exercise or yoga which will help you to remain fit. It will overcome your stress and give you energy as well.

32.Don’t stop yourself

Don’t wait to try something that you always wanted to. Stop playing it safe or looking for someone else to take the lead. Be a different person than you used to be. With that, you can make your life as e thrilling as you wish.

33. Don’t think too much

Sometimes over-thinking can loose your confidence. Be calm when you feel to do something. Don’t give up so easily. If you do it your happiness is going to be vanished. Stay calm and try to do meditation to keep your mind at peace.

34. Do one big thing

Is there something that you have been holding till now? Then, do that now. Its your time to show the people what are you capable of. Bring some actions in your life and that action will give you an enjoyment. So, go for it.

35. Live in peace

You might be tired of your neighbor’s noisy car muffler or your sister gossip. Is it so, and then find a place far from the unwanted sounds. The place where you can be yourself and enjoy being.

36. Do something for someone

When you are the reason of someone’s happiness then you certainly feel proud of yourself. With that you get encouragement to do more. Doing this, you will be the happiest person.

37. Follow your dreams

You will surely be happy when your dream comes true. We dream those things we can really have. If that happens in reality then you won’t ask anything more. Don’t think much, focus on what you want from your life.

38. Be a kid again

A kid doesn’t worry about people around them. They just do what they like or what they want. They don’t have any stress about people’s thinking. So, better to be  a kid in order to do as your wish. Sometimes being a kid is all we need.


To engage your mind you can play video games or any other games you like. By playing game, you feel relaxed and its easy to switch yourself from hectic schedule.It also strengthen you and your brain too.

40. Post pictures

Try to click at least one selfies once a week. You can see the change in your life. It can be a proof that your life is becoming interesting slowly and steadily. You are cherishing your life. You are now a happy person.

41.Go with your intuition

If you are up to something and your inner heart is not supporting you, then change your path. As you have to follow your instinct or else will have to face trouble in your way. It’s your life so, choose your way wisely.

42.Pamper yourself

Pampering doesn’t mean investing money on yourself. But try to do those things you have never experienced. It will change your mood and will make you happy. Have a try..i know you will feel nice.

43.Switch hands

We do everything as we are doing since childhood. We don’t look up for change. Like we write with same hand as before, we don’t try to do that from another hand. But grow up, bring change and accept changes which are coming towards your life.

44. Volunteer

What’s better way to make your life exciting then taking a step for betterment of people around you.Try to help them atleast through counselling or else can collect  funds. With that you will get chance to know more people and feel connection to those whom you have offered the help and support to.

45. Revisit your childhood dreams

Try to observe yourself, what do you want to do in your childhood and where are you now. May be a teacher or even a doctor, recall your journey towards your dream and remember those happy and sad moments. They will help you to grow at the same time will take you to a new direction.