38 Stunning Ways to Wear Eyeliner…..

Eyeliner is a very common makeup in today’s world.But the style and technique you apply that’s something we look up to. It’s important to do much efforts in doing eye liner. Hey dont panic, just slowly and steadily draw out a line with a liner. Afterwards,when you will be expert enough, you can go with a different style.You can find many ideas to put liner on your beautiful eyes. It depends on you, what do you prefer. Here are some 38 stunning ways to wear eyeliner and you can also get chance to learn from them.

Layered Liner

Layered Eyeliner

When your eye shadow is brighter and doesn’t look effectively then, you can layer it with your black eye liner.It not only makes your eye shadow in highlight but also presents you a classy look.

Punky Style Liner

Crazy punk look

If you are likely to experiment with yourself then watch this style. It’s not only look classy but needs guts to carry it out. You don’t need anything besides your eyeliner. Just have a try, you never know it goes well with your eyes.

Smudged and Wraparound Liner

Black eye makeup

For a subtle look go for this look. You will look elegant and beautiful. Just take a smudged eye liner and wrap it on your lash line as well as on your water line. If wanna add more glam to your appearance then wear ethnic. You will then create wonders.

Lined at Inner Corner

Inner corners eyeliner

Adding a fling with your liner at the end of your eye can add a beauty in your face. It seems really beautiful. To add more glam to it, use orange pencil liner on your waterlines. With that, you are perfect to charm anyone out there.

Thicken wings Liner

Thick Winged Eyeliner

Three different look and all are amazing one after other. Just add thick layers on to your lash line with your liquid eye liner. With that, you are set to hypnotize anyone with your beauty and stun the crowd as well.

Feathery Style Liner

Feathered Liner Tutorial

Are you waiting for something that you have never done before. If yes, then your wait is over now. You can have this feathered eye look within some minutes. After that you can party hard at clubs and make your boyfriend go crazy over you.

Dark and Colorful Liner

Dark on Top, Colorful on Bottom

Are you ready to jazz up your eyes? If yes then get started with Black liner on your lash line.With that, add metallic eye color for your waterline. You need to choose your color wisely.Subtle colors will enhance your look easily. So, try them.

Precise Black Liner


Eyeliner and mascara

Simply gorgeous look. With a thin layer of liner you can mesmerize the crowd. All you need to do is sketch the line within the upper lash line. After that, see the wonders of this look. Nobody can stop starring at you.

Dramatic Gothic Eye LinerGothic black liner for eyes
Don’t stick to traditional way of wearing eye liner. Make up something new. For a change, you can have a look at this avatar. Selecting this look, you can go bold at the meantime, grab attention of all.

Neon Cat Eye Liner

Neon cat eye

Take a break from your black eye liner and pick something unusual.Like this one which suits your skin color. Have a cat style eye with a neon blue colored liner and layer it with black liner. Try it, it will amaze you.

Touch  of Golden Liner

Black cat eye look

Black cat eye is normal nowadays. But adding a touch of golden can takes it to the next level. After you have used your black liner just apply golden liner on the corner of lash line as well as outer phase of waterline. With that fascinate the people around you.

Red Eye Liner

The Red Eye

To wear this red eye liner you need confident. Without it, you can’t really have it. So, to be bold enough you first need the personality to carry it of. If  you have it no one can stop you.

Rainbow Colored Liner

Rainbow of Colors

Confused, what to wear? Then, simply line your lash line with black and pop your eyes with different colors. You will look simply elegant and chic. So, check this out. You may like it.

White Cat Eye Liner

White Cat Eye

If you are not interested to wear lots of makeup then go for this style.It will   give you a chic appearance. It will suit with every clothes in your wardrobe. So, don’t you worry. Just try it.

Flicky and Glamorous Liner

Flicky Eyeliner

Going for a party and wanna look the best among all? Have this bold avatar with flicky lines on your lash lines. Don’t put makeup on your face. Keep it normal but add bright lip color on your lips. With that, you’re ready to rock the party.

Vintage Look Liner

Black eyeliner makeup

To create a bold look, you have to blend cat eye style with smoky. Then, you will get a sensuous look. For this, apply white pencil liner on your waterline to finish your picture. Now, go and surprise all.

Double Winged Liner

Double Winged Eyeliner

You might find it difficult but once you try it, you can easily do it. As you have heard practice makes a man perfect. So, to look stunning you must do some hard work. Your hard work will surely pay you off.

Drop Eyes Liner

eyeliner style12

Drop eyes main essence is you can apply liner only on half portion of your waterline. It helps you to be elegant and appear classy among all. Instead of using black liner,you can opt for grey color liner. You might be feeling odd but when you will do it, you will be surprise with your beauty.Try once to have a break from your usual style.

Classic Cat Eye Liner

Classic Cat Eye

The combination of nude and black can create magic. Just have a look at this picture, the eyes are giving killer look. You can have these cat eye just have to put some effort.If you practice it for sometime, you will be perfect in doing this.

Subtle Colored Liner

Subtle Color

The blend of white and blue liner will give you a spark in your eyes.If you are going for a party or any special occasion then you can pick this style. It will present you stylish and classy.

Simple and Classy Liner

Glittery black eyeliner

If you like to have a simple look then you can give this one a try. With easy steps you will look stylish. You just need to put on eye shadow and then apply a glittery gel eye liner. It will give your eyes a different spark. So, grab this style.

Open Wings Liner

eyeliner style6

Wanna look fashionista? Are you ready to glam the floor? Then, start your liner with sketching lines and connect them to make them thicker. Add wings at the corner.You need to be calm with your hands so, do it slowly. This look is different than your casual one.You can also apply shadow as you like. All in all, you will look stunning.

Smudged-Liner with Smoky Effect Liner

Aren’t you bored wearing same make-up everyday?? If yes, then try this one. You can begin it with lining your lashes with kajal. You can mix it out with a shape with your brush. With that add golden eye-shadow at the corner of your eyelids. This combination will not only enhance your eye but also your overall appearance.

Pretty Kitten Eye Liner

Be ready to get an amazing look for this season. For this look, use angled brush and brown colored gel eye-liner in order to draw a line on your eye lashes and enlarge a little bit into a kitten eye. You can avoid mascara in this look.

Semi-Outlined Eye Liner

Isn’t she look gorgeous?? You can look alike. You just need to have gel eye-liner and a brush to put it onto your eye. At the end of your eye, you can add wings for a change. Wearing this look, you can rock at a party or any other celebration.Thus, make yourself beautiful as her.

Feathered Cat Eye Liner

Going for a wedding and thinking about something different. Then, check this trendy style right now. You can have it in small easy steps. You need thick liner to make thick cat-eye. After that, take navy liner to give it an authentic look. lastly, curl our eyelashes and for finishing touch use black liner at its corner.

Low Lash Line Liner

To grab this subtle and sultry look, you just need to use black pencil liner for your bottom of your eyes. Then, add brown eye shadow to give your eyes an appealing glance. Isn’t it looking adorable??

Infinity Lined Liner

For this look, you need to start with a brown eye shadow as your base. Draw lines on upper and lower edges of your eyes.You can then complete your eyes with kajal and smoothly rub it. With that you are ready to make men’s  go swoon. If you are up to do this just grab it.

‘V’ Shape Liner

For this gorgeous look,all you have to pick up your black gel liner. Then with a flat tip brush you can draw a medium sized liner on  third-fourth of your lash line and one third on waterline as well. With this style, you can have a charming appeal.Just go and showoff your style.

Delicate with Wings Liner

You wont believe it but it’s an 60’s look. It appears so classy. For this look, you just need peach shadow and liquid eye line to draw a thin line. Make a straight line from one corner to another and widen it towards the tail. If you want to enhance your look a little more, you can also wear fake eyelashes for an elegant look.

Cat-eye with Decorated lashes Liner

To grab this style, you just need to have patience. Don’t be in a rush. You can start with inner corner of your eye,using liquid eye liner to line at your top and extend it with outer corner to lengthen your beautiful eyes. Lastly, add some fake shiny eye lashes to mesmerizes all the people around you.

Outstanding Smoky Effect Liner

To wear this look, all you need to is take your pencil liner to sketch line  on top and bottom of your eyelashes.Use black eye shadow to give your eyes a smoky effect. You can thicken the wings at the corner and highlight them.You are set to explode.

Metallic Liner

Wanna try something new, then try this. You just need dark kohl eyeliner. With that, you can wear it on your waterline as well as on upper lash line.  Then, add a metallic eyeliner to give a loud look to your eyes. You will then spark the way you walk.

White and Black Liner

Black and White

With dark and thick white liner, you can have a glam look. You can simply apply white liner on to top lash line and also on  waterline.Under the white liner, you can add thine line of black. So, it can create a fusion of white and black. Change your regular style to appear extra-cute.

White on Waterline LinerWhite on the Waterline

You can do wonders with subtle makeup.Using white liner on your waterline may  give you a effective look. When you add mascara and eye shadow your face will get a new glow. To look good, it’s not important to wear a bold makeup sometimes simplicity can blow mind of all.

Smoky Lower Lash line Liner

To portray yourself in a different way, you can try this look. This look is something unusual. You need to dip your brush in liquid liner to draw a thin line at top and bottom of your eye lashes. Then, add a stroke of your kajal to make your look seem perfect.

Graphic Eye Liner

Gothic eyes

It’s an amazing way to line-up your eyes. If you are waiting for innovative ideas to wear liner then go for this. It’s not that hard. Your eyes will get a look you have never imagined. So get up and look stunning.

Thick White Liner

Thick White Liner

Using white liner on to your eyes, you can make a killer appearance. So, are you ready to  get this style? You have to draw thick layers of white liner in your lash line it will present you in a bold avatar. With this style, you can create wonders.





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