28 Striking Metallic Nail Art Design That You Can Never Imagine…

If you want to look amazing from others then you can go with metallic nail art designs for sure. As, they appear out the box yet can make other go crazy over you. These types of nail art designs are wonderful for those believe to set a mark and go gorgeous as well.Metallic manicures are trendy enough. The metallic stripes go magical when added on a normal design. Everyone prefers to be modernistic, adding beads and glitters are so authentic. Today’s girls are so excited about metallic nails that they like to have them wherever they move. As they are loud and match with every outfit you wear. So, here you can get 28 striking metallic nail design you can never imagine.

Add Some Bling

Blue gray and green blue themed French tips using silver metallic strips draped over the base as well as silver beads.

Staring at this nail art don’t you desire to make your nails the same like this one? If so, you can select grayish blue along with bluish green in order to create a fabulous nail art. With that, you just have to wrap metallic nail polish on to your base. Thus, add some silver beads to glam up your whole nail design.

Shining Stars

A shooting star inspired nail art using a royal blue polish for the matte and silver foil for the shooting star details and cuticle tips.

If you really care what other talks about you then you can opt for this nail art. As, this style defines chic with trendy outlook.  By accumulating, royal blue and silver metallic polish you will get an amazing nails. And you can create designs of star to get an impressive effect. So, are you interested to make this design yours??

Charm your Nails

A very artistic nail art design making use of midnight blue and blue gray polish for the base and heart shape details; a silver thin metallic strip is used to separate the colors.

Simplicity can produce different warmth on your nails. Adding designs of heart shape can look great over your nails. With a grayish blue as a base, you can have this design. To depart the colors, silver metallic nail color has been used. So, do you like the color combination and the design shown in the picture

Gradient Nail art

Gradient nail polish base using cherry and white and topped off with thin silver metallic strips and a cute cherry heart design.

New nail designs not only enhances your nails but presents you a fresh style. Every girl loves to have cute nail and tries to find something exciting. Don’t bother, if you have short nails or very long ones. You can have your nail designed in every kind of nails. Add gradient colors with silver metallic stripes and see the magic it spells. You will be stunned to see the view of this nail art. If you also wish to witness that, go on with this design.

Go Artistic with Metallic Nail art

A creative take on tribal inspired nails using white, blue and black polish for the base color and for creating the details with help from metallic silver linings.

To obtain a splendid nails, you can try this metallic nail art. It seems really cool on every type of nails. All you need to do is, add something artistic along with tribal designs. Blue, white and black nail colors are the one that will help you to get this astonishing design. At the same time, you can create this design, if you put yourself into practice.

Create magic

Add attitude to your nails by adding thin horizontal strips of metallic polish.

It doesn’t matter, what size nail you have. You just have to remember that, they should look beautiful. Adding coffee color paint with pink thick stripes will appear out of the box. After that, you are ready to show off your nails and amaze everyone around you. So, are you prepared for the blast?


Delightful Metallic Nail Art

A playful nail art design making use of a sea green and pink color combination divided by silver metallic strips on top.

One of most divine nail design is shown in this picture. This nail art not only doll up your hands but adds charisma to your whole persona. The color also must be alluring enough to go stylish. Like the colors, sea green and pink combined with metallic silver strips on the top seems beyond imagination. This design will look radiant and can easily divert others mind over it.

Sophisticated Nail art

An artistic matte black and silver nail ensemble making use of metallic silver polish to cover the cuticle part of the nail.

Using black matte and metallic silver can amaze your nails. As, this metallic silver nail color on your cuticles can beautify your nail’s appearance. You can have this nail design whenever you want. In party or any event, you simply have it done on your own or by looking at tutorials. So, gear up to get such awe-inspiring design.

Eye-catching Design

A red and gold inspired nail art design using a matte red polish, gold sparkles and of course, thin metallic gold strips

Use your nail colors carefully otherwise it can create damage to your whole looks. Try to get colors that can go perfect with your personality.  If you need, here’s a great alternative for you. Pick red in matte with golden glittery shades. Don’t forget to include metallic gold stripped to increase its charm.  With that, you can create fantasy when others look at your nail.


Gold stripes and cute little polka dots made by metallic foils on light blue nails.

The blend of blue and white is really awesome. As, the both colors compliment each other perfectly. When you see the design, you just can’t keep your eyes off. The glitters on blue nail color are come out as twinkling star. To make this nail art yours, you need some practice, that’s all.

Beads Metallic Style Nail Art

A sassy looking pink and silver themed nail art using silver metallic strips and silver beads as details

This beads styled nail art can be a good option for you. You can have these nail designs on any events as well as in casual days too. The pink shades along with metallic beads can work really well. It can make your nail look stunning then you ever had. So, don’t hesitate and try this style. At the end,  you will be more than happy.

Elegant Design

Take a look at this adorable clear and gold metallic themed French tip great for short nails.

Every girl wants her nail to look the best. So, they get updated about new designs of nail art on day to day basis. If you stay updated, have you find such an elegant piece recently? If not, then have a glimpse at this innovative design. The spark of golden metallic can never go wrong. So, wearing this design, you can attend high profile events, celebrity parties and so on.

Criss-cross design

Thin strips of silver metallic foil in criss-crossing design adorn the sky blue and white ensemble of the manicure.

You can get varieties of nail art designs. But you won’t find such an amazing piece for yourself. Have a look at this criss-cross design; you will fall in love with this for sure. By applying this nail art, you will feel like a princess. So, if you wish to feel like this, add this stunning design adding baby blue and white colors to them.

Theme Nail art

Cute little thin silver metallic strips adorn the pink themed French tips.

You can decide a theme or your nail. It can be a festive them or a color theme, it’s on you. Go with something you prefer, not the one to impress others. You can have a look at this pinky theme, isn’t this cute? The thin silver metallic strips are beautifying the pink color. Thus, decorate your nails to remain trendy and stylish, got it.

Juicy Colors

A fruity and adorable colored French tip using bright yellow and pink polish topped with a metallic gold strip.

This design is somewhat a fresh one. In French tips nails, you can create this design very efficiently. As, these tri colors are appearing so glossy. With some practice, you can get this design on your nails. Just paint yellow and pink with golden metallic design and you are done.

Glamorous One

Coat your nails in multi color and add black metallic strips for the French tip and look absolutely cool.

Applying different multi colors effect, you can get endearing designs. The merge of different colors and black metallic stripes is presenting a beautiful look on to your nails.  It’s on your hand, to go with this nail art or not. If you find it dazzling, then girls make this style yours to drive men crazy over you.


Glam-up your nails

Glamorous looking French tips in clear, white and metallic polish.

Don’t you worry, if you have short nails? You can do wonders along with them too. Just add metallic colors on your French tips. It may be white or golden; you can pick your color yourself. With that, you can flatter anyone with your style. So, girls grab this trendy design and amaze your look.

Tribal in Metallic Designs

Tribal themed nails in melon, black and white colors as well as gold metallic strips added on top for effect.

Let’s try something you always see, but never tried. You may have noticed tribal designed nail art, have you tried them yet? If not, then what are you waiting for? This tribal design is something that you will definitely go with. Have a look at its pattern and the colors; they will make you fall for them. The melon, black and white is creating magic with golden topping.

Combination of French manicure and Metallic

Add more attitude to your white and melon themed French tip with silver metallic strips on top.

You might hear about this combo first time. But let me tell you, it’s really astonishing. If you wish to get the same design, you need to get a melon and white nail color. With that you can start designing your metallic nails adding silver stripes on them. After that, you will get your nails as you wanted to have. So, go and amaze others and yourself with these nail arts.

Go with Bright Colors

A cute and neat looking metallic inspired nail art design using baby blue, sky blue and white colors.

Are you having any problem while selecting a perfect design for yourself? If so, you can check this bright colors metallic designs. This design seems catchy and fabulous to show-off. You just have to pick some light colors like baby blue, sky blue and white. These colors will embrace your nails. With the adding of metallic golden stripes, you will see a lovely effect. So, are you ready to gaze others eyes in your nails?

Adorable Metallic Nail Art

Cute baby pink and sea green polish with silver metallic strips as linings for the French tips.

Offer your nails a brilliant look with the metallic nail art. Choose colors that can provide an unusual effect. As, you know unusual ones are something people get attracted so easily. Go with pink and sea green shades to get compliments from your friends. If you wish to brighten a little bit more, you can include silver metallic strips in your design. All the best girl.

Fusion of Three

A tricolor metallic nail art design using shades of fuchsia, carnation pink and yellow orange; topped with strips of metallic gold.

This season, decorate your nails with metallic design. As, this nail art can go with any occasion, you are supposed to go. With using three different colors like fuchsia, carnation pink and yellow orange, you can attract everybody around you. One more thing, you can create these nail design on your own. So, have it done as soon as you can.

Metallic Lines on your French Tips

French tips are the most classic type of manicure, added with metallic lining makes them more beautiful.

Just, the metallic design is sufficient to enhance your nails. If you wish to add glittery stones with them, you can easily go for them. The nail designs can help you in looking better than you are now. So, select your nail art wisely, otherwise you have to suffer. Thus, think about it.

Black Magic

Black and gold have never looked so stunning with the combination of matte and metallic effect.

Matte is considered to be the first choice of every girl. While you think to get your nail designed, get a matte nail color. As, this nail color is totally different than other nail paint. With that, you can apply gold metallic stripes over your black matte and see the magic it creates. Looking at this style, you will feel like a dream sequence. Its effect is out of the world.

Lively Colors

This green and gold ensemble looks just as perfect with the addition of metallic gold strips across the matte finish.

Light and pretty colored nail art are appreciated by many. For an instance, you can look at this design, don’t you find them amazing? If you exactly think like this, you can give it a try. Using the shades like green and golden, you can add flavors to your nails in a nice All in all, you will create buzz with this incredible nail art.

Out of the Box design

Add an accent to your nails by placing silver metallic foil with gold sparkles on top of a nude matte polish.

The design is something exceptional one. As, this nails are looking charming with the addition of this design. It can go well with any types of nails, doesn’t matter. The selection of color plays a great role to get a cool design. Here, the silver foils and golden glitters delighted the subtle nude color as a whole. Opting for this design, you can capture everybody’s attention.

Lighten-up your nails

Nail art never looked more interesting with the addition of gold metallic foils to brighten the design.

Adding gold metallic foils on your nails is a good idea. Doing that, your friends and other people may get attracted. So, be careful in that. Opting for pink and white color is really fascinating. This design can go along in every occasion. At the same time, with any of your dresses in your wardrobe.

Include Shape in your Design

Create your own shapes using a metallic gold foil on your white matte nails.

This shapes design is quite an extra-ordinary one. As, this nail art design heightens your style in every way possible. You may have seen the combination of white and golden several times. But yet didn’t find design like this, isn’t it? Now, you have found a correct match. So, insert this design in order to smarten your overall look as well.







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